Featured Ad type: Viral Ads

Hello ~fname~, and Happy New Year.

This week I would like to talk about the Viral Ads.

Viral Ads are a slide up ad that appears at the bottom of the main page of a lot of TAE’s. It consists of a Title which is hyperlinked to the website of your choice and an ad body where you can give a short explanation of your site. The more you advertise the TAE the more your other program will be shown as well. These ads need a good title and I recommend #Hash Tags# to draw attention to your ads.

These ads are based on a points system and you can either purchase the Viral Ad points or trade advertising points for them. 


Want to know a secret?

Viral Ads are seldom used here at Giant Profit Ads.  You will set yourself apart from other “normal safelist members” by using Viral Ads.


Give it a try, but give it some time.  Since it is new to everyone, they need to see it in action a few times before it really catches on.  In the meantime, you will have established yourself, and people will begin to NOTICE YOU since you have been adventurous and tried this technology FIRST!

Best of Advertising.

Rich Moyer