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In case you have missed it, my name is Rich Moyer, the admin for  GiantProfitAds, Mad-Cow-Ads, and EmpireTextAds.

As you know, I have been promoting our “Text Ad Exchanges” as not just an advertising medium, but an Advertising Community.  As part of that strategy, I am trying to:

  • Bring you the best value, 
  • Demonstrate a hands-on PERSONAL TOUCH for your advertising needs, 
  • Provide Incentives for you to LOG IN EVERY DAY, in the way of Daily Bonus awards and Login Bonus awards so you can BUILD YOUR POINTS and receive FREE Ads,
  • Provide the most generous REFERRAL REWARDS PROGRAM IN THE INDUSTRY, 
  • Stay competitive with the larger, but faceless Text Ad Exchanges and Traffic Exchanges 
  • Provide you with Network Partnership connections to extend your advertising reach, 
  • Provide affordable and EFFECTIVE advertising channels, and 
  • Provide FREE eBooks, eCourses, Videos, Tutorials, and Videos that help in your PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. 


I just added NEW VIDEO TUTORIALS that address SOCIAL MEDIA techniques to make your promotions MORE EFFECTIVE!   I use these myself to promote not only GiantProfitAds, Mad-Cow-Ads, and EmpireTextAds; but other internet marketing projects; my Local Business Portals,, and; and my own 25+ websites in the Life Balance Network.  

Retail value of these video ecourses is $97 each!  I have purchased rights to these products SO I CAN PROVIDE THEM TO YOU FREE OF CHARGE.  Here are my newest additions:

Of course, you can see the complete list of my FREE ebooks, eCourses, and Video courses at:  

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