How to Get Started With Safelist Advertising

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I will be most likely flooding you with information with a series of emails right up front.  Don’t be intimidated and don’t assume that you have to absorb all that information.  Just create a label (I usually call them folders) in Gmail and store those messages so you can refer to them later.
I will be covering MANY topics here so I’ve assembled a table of contents
  • Setting Up Gmail
  • Your Primary Business
  • Pace Yourself
  • Planning
  • Slack Social
  • ClickEarner
  • Laptop vs Tablet
  • Evernote
  • Safelists and Traffic Exchanges
  • WorldProfit Free Associate
  • 4 Corner Alliance
  • Promo Codes

Setting Up Gmail

The email system you will be REQUIRED to use for Safelist advertising is GMAIL.  Gmail is free.  It is Google, so it integrates nicely with other tools and applications.  It is hooked into YouTube, GooglePlus, Google Hangouts, Google Tasks, Google Keep, Google Drive, and so many other apps.  And most safelists will not allow any other mail systems (because they either heavily filter messages so you never see them, or bounce which messes up MY email as a safelist admin).  Google gives you ALL THIS FOR FREE, and there are so few limitations.  The recommended browser to use is Google Chrome – available for laptops or tablets and smart phones).
I create a “folder” (Google calls them Labels) for each safelist, and each project that sends me email.  A trick I use to bring my favorite folders to the top of the list is to edit the folder name and start it with an exclamation point (or two for real important folders).
I also have a folder called !!!ACTION NEEDED.  I move things there that I have to take some action on, but don’t have time now.
For each of the safelists or traffic exchanges you receive messages for (you want to keep these so you can get the points for those emails), create a folder.  The easiest way it to create a filter so they are stored automatically in that folder.  See my video on how to do that…


For most people who come to me, depending on their situation and circumstances, I may recommend one or more projects as your primary business.  All of these programs have an affiliate marketing section (could be called something different), but you minimally want to get:
  • Referral URL’s
  • Splash Pages URL’s
  • Banners (468×60)
  • Buttons (125×125)
  • Login Ads (600×300)
  • Tweets (text)
  • Email Swipes (text)
I like Evernote for these items. Evernote works on all the different devices you might have, it is free, and it synchronizes with the server so your information is replicated to every device on your account.  
Evernote has a free version that I have been using for almost 8-10 years, and have never run out of space or had to upgrade.  It works on my laptops (multiple laptops), my Android Tablet and iPad, and my Android Smart Phone.  There is a version for the iPhone too.
I create a new Notebook in Evernote for each project, then I create a note in that folder for general program information,
  • login URL,
  • login and password,
  • what email ID(s) I used, and the
  • Referral URL.  
  • I also make notes of what membership level, or if a paid member, how it is billed (lifetime, yearly, monthly, and the amount).  
  • If provided, I record the Help Desk URL and phone number.  
Much of this information is supplied in a welcome message when you joined or after you opted-in.
Now that we have the basic information needed from your primary business to get started with Safelists and Traffic Exchanges, we can begin promoting your primary business.
Pace Yourself
You should set a goal to join one new safelist or traffic exchange (TE) every day (as a free member), and in a couple weeks, I will show you how to find and join one Facebook Group every day.
There is more to joining than just signing up.
  • Be sure you verify your email (opt-in).  Don’t forget to check your SPAM folder.  If it is in the SPAM folder, click the NOT SPAM button in GMAIL to put it back in your inbox.
  • Look at the One Time Offers.  I save them as a PDF file so I can go back to them later.  Since they are One Time Offers, you will not see them again, so this extends my decision time – I want to see if a safelist is worth it, if they have an active membership that READS the ads and doesn’t just collect points.  If you cannot print to PDF (you would need to do that on a laptop), on your tablet you can take a screen shot.  For instance, on a Samsung Galaxy, you hold the Home button and then briefly press the Power button.  Don’t hold too long.  You will find your screenshot in the Gallery under album screenshots.
Inline image 1
  • Be sure to bookmark the login page of the safelist you just joined in your browser (the Star to the right of the address bar in Google Chrome)
  • In a notepad or Evernote, record 
    • the name of the safelist, 
    • your username (which could be your email), 
    • email, 
    • password, and 
    • from the welcome email, your Referral URL.
  • Once you are logged in, go to Tools and Stats or similar to get URL’s for 
    • Splash Pages ( they generally load faster and get better response),
    • Banners 468×60, only the image URL
    • Buttons 125×125, only the image URL
    • Login Ad graphics 600×300,  only the image URL
    • tweets (I store all tweets in one note in Evernote for each safelist or project)
    • email swipes (I store these in their own note in Evernote within a notebook I created for the safelist or project).
  • If you have a promo code for that safelist, go to Advertise Here and redeem your promo code for ads or points.
  • For each safelist, add 
    • 1 468×60 banner (for Perpetual Income Club) , 
    • 1 125×125 button, 
    • 1 Hotlink, 
    • 1 Traffic Link, 
    • 1 Login Ad (talk to me on this), and 
    • 1 Solo ad if you get an allocation when you sign up.
  • Complete the Downline Builder in each safelist or traffic exchange. 
    • You do not have to join every one, but for each of the listings that you have joined already, provide your Referral URL (the whole or ReferrID (just the xxx) – watch what it asks for
    • Now, using the Evernote file, populate your referral ID for each one of the downline builder listings that you have already joined.  Don’t forget to click the UPDATE button – it could be right next to it, or could be at the bottom of the page in which case you fill out all of them that you have and click that button once.
    • Make a note in your Evernote file or task list that the downline builder needs to be reviewed and updated in a couple weeks.  (I create a do-list in Google Tasks or Keep to it shows up on my calendar)
  • Spend some time on the safelist or TE to click all the ads you can find on the site.  You generally can accumulate quite a stockpile of points that can be traded for ads with very little effort.
  • Spend some time browsing SOLO ads on the site.  Why?  So you know how to set up ClickEarner.
    • Get a feel for whether you need to keep focus the whole time the ad is displayed.
    • Does it have some type of image match?
    • Can you open more than one at a time? (Generally not while browsing on the site)
  • You will begin to get messages in your inbox not long after you opt-in.  
    • Click on the credit link for several at a time.  See if  there is any limit to the number you can have open at one time.  If so, make a note in your Evernote file.  You can set ClickEarner for the number to open at one time, and if there should be a delay before opening another message.



This is my recommended plan for a normal day.

  • Depending on volume, you should plan to reserve some time first thing in your day to review, and file emails.
  • You should plan on spending some time mid-day and end-of-day to review emails.  DO NOT SPEND ALL DAY ALLOWING EMAIL TO INTERRUPT YOUR CONCENTRATION ON THE TASKS YOU ARE DOING.
  • You should plan on spending at least an hour a day signing up for new safelists or TE’s.
  • You should plan on spending at least an hour a day promoting your primary business.  I would recommend doing this WHEN PEOPLE ARE HOME, and consider time zones of your target audience.  If you want primarily US and Canada, East Coast 4pm through West Coast 8PM (or from Eastern time zone perspective, 4pm through 11pm).
  • You should plan on spending at least an hour a day reading emails (or harvesting points).
  • You should plan to do SOMETHING for personal development like an eBook, article, video, etc. several days per week


Slack Social

I recommend waiting several weeks before we take on Facebook promotions.   Here is a short video I made that tells about SlackSocial.  There is a signup link after the video.


I recommend waiting several weeks before getting ClickEarner.  It does require the Firefox browser so this will not work with a tablet.

Laptop vs Tablet

We discussed how SOME things can be done on a tablet, but there are many steps to doing copy/paste, which is what you will have to do when sending your promotions through safelists and traffic exchanges.  

  • A tablet is very difficult to use when using an HTML editor.   
  • Most tablets cannot have multiple windows open at one time – you usually have to keep switching back and forth between the browser and the notepad utility (like Evernote – see below).  You mentioned the Galaxy — with that you CAN have multiple windows open, but you must use the Samsung SNote notepad utility, which does NOT have a compatible app for the laptop,

Any laptop at Best Buy in the 300-500 range should be fine.  Be sure you get the most memory and hard drive and the best deal.  I also recommend getting an external mouse – much easier to work with than those touch-pads or joysticks.


You will need some notepad-type utility (like Evernote) to store your ad copy,  userid/password, referral links, notes.   I recommend Evernote since it has apps for iPad, Android, and laptop.  It is free, and even with the free version, I have never run out of space.  

Safelists and Traffic Exchanges

See the link below my signature line: Resources for Any Business

I have two safelists. Giant Profit Ads and Mad-Cow-Ads.  I recommend joining GiantProfitAds as a Pro member then upgrading to JV for $3 per month.  This allows you to trade points for ads (free members have very limited ability to trade points for ads).

I just got an incredible OTO (One Time Offer).  SuperJV + Half a Million Points at 15 very active safelists for $49 lifetime.  This would normally be $277 per MONTH.  Here you get it for $49 Lifetime.  First, sign up as a free member at  The OTO should be displayed when you first log in after you confirm your email. The way this works: you accept the OTO and pay via Paypal.  You sign up for each safelist as a Pro (free) member, then send a support ticket with the userid for each site and they will grant you the upgrades and apply 500K points to each.  I will forward a promo I just received that has promo codes for each that gives you even MORE free ads.  Here is a list of links to each site.


Once you get signed up as Pom send that support ticket.  After Evie does the upgrade and applies your 500K points to each safelist, go to the Facebook page to get promo codes for all of them (redeem in Advertising).  

How does $1100 of free promo codes sound to you?

All you need to do is visit our Facebook page, like us, then click on the links to pickup this cool bonus here!

I just threw a WHOLE BUNCH of stuff at you.  DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED.  Take it one step at a time.

WorldProfit Free Associate

Here is a link to a free eBook – Facebook Cash Assault.

I generally recommend that newbies sign up as a free associate at WorldProfit.  Sign up for the Facebook Cash Assault ebook, and then opt in as a free associate.  You will be subjected to a high pressure sales pitch at the Live Business Center.  Simply decline or just click away for now. If you go to, there is a ton of video training you can view for free.  When George talks about the specific tools, most will be geared towards paying members but there is some great stuff on safelist and traffic exchange strategy.

Here is all you get as a free associate at WorldProfit

Free Associate Members receive:

–> 50% commission on sales referrals for our Reseller’s Club Products

–> 5% commission on sales referrals for Silver and Platinum VIP Memberships

–> Solo Email Blaster privileges – send 30,000 emails per month – use this for any opportunity

–> Referral links, ad copy and text ads for copy and paste promotion

–> Unlimited access to Worldprofit’s Home Business Community

–> Option to earn free Advertising Credits in our Worldprofit Marketplace by browsing ads

–> Ability to earn credits toward free money-making and traffic GOODIES including:

-50,000+ FREE Visitors to your site (any site)

-Internet Marketing for Newbies by Sandi Hunter (Ebook)

– 6 Ideas to Make Money (Ebook)

-Facebook Marketing Secrets (Ebook)

-The Ultimate Money Making Online Course (Ebook)

-Google for Business (Ebook)

-Pinterest Expert (Ebook)

-The Complete Guide to Making Money Online by George Kosch, Sandi Hunter, Dr. Jeffrey Lant

-100 Techniques to MORE SALES!

-Craigslist Profits Unleashed

-Traffic Magnet

-Twitter Profits

-Max Traffic Tips

-Ultimate Social Media Plan

-100 SEO Tips

and 35 other titles all to help YOU make money online no matter what you are promoting.

The traffic resources are GREAT.


4 Corner Alliance

This is the program I mentioned where you spend $18 (one time for Life), and it just keeps growing exponentially.


Promo Codes

How does $1100 of free promo codes sound to you?  All you need to do is visit our Facebook page,  like us, then click on the links to pickup this cool bonus here!



This may be slightly redundant, but it contains links to some of my blog posts, tutorials, and videos.
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Here is a list of some of my YouTube videos that may be useful (red=most relevant)
Just save these emails in a folder all by themselves so you can refer back to them


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