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Giant Profit Ads and Mad Cow Ads Site Reset
Happened August 13th and 14th

Here’s why this is important to you: 

For ACTIVE, PAID (JV, SJV) Members,
Your Accounts and All of Your Ads Were Reset
Use Promo Code starter
For Your New Allocation of Points and Ads.

All INACTIVE Accounts Were Deleted

The new system has the same look and feel,

but it will be for PAID MEMBERS ONLY.

New members can join for free but

must upgrade to paid memberships of JV or SJV

within 7 days.


The Details

If you were an active UPGRADED member at Giant Profit Ads or Mad Cow Ads, this weekend, all of your ads and points were reset.  You can now use the promo code starter to get a fresh, GENEROUS load of points and ads.

  • If you ARE NOT a member of Giant Profit Ads or Mad Cow Ads, JOIN NOW and get the Lifetime SJV OTO for $12.99

  • If you were an ACTIVE or INACTIVE Free member at Giant Profit Ads or Mad Cow Ads, re-join and get the Lifetime SJV 2nd Chance OTO for $12.99 (located on the NAV menu)

Do NOT miss out on this deal!


Why Do This NOW?

  • Too many inactive accounts at both Giant Profit Ads and Mad Cow Ads.
  • Too Many Stale Ads.
  • Create a PAID MEMBER ONLY site

Too many stale ads.  Despite my efforts to clean them up, with literally thousands of ads, that included many dead programs, missing graphics, invalid URLs, etc. , it was highly unlikely that your ads would have been seen. 

The reset sites are now PAID MEMBERS ONLY.   People can join for free, but must upgrade to JV or SJV within 7 days.  After 7 days their accounts will be suspended, and they will not be allowed to join again for 30 days, and can only join again as a paid member.  

Paid members are more likely to have a “BUYER’S MINDSET”, which increases the probability of getting your ads SEEN, and CONVERTED to sales.

This is an AMAZING Opportunity to get TWO LIFETIME SJV MEMBERSHIPS  at Giant Profit Ads and Mad Cow Ads and start your “Safelists as a Business”, PLUS there are equally great 2nd Chance OTO deals at all of my other sites.

Here are the links to join and upgrade

Paid Member Only Sites
250,000 + Promo Code
$12.99 OTO Lifetime SJV


100%+ Commission Full Featured Safelist/Surf Sites
$17 OTO Lifetime Gold Member
250,000 + Promo Code
Earn 50% of Sales
2 SuperNetworks Each Site


Safelist /Surf Sites
$12.99 OTO Lifetime SJV
500,000 Points + Ad Pack + Promo Codes
2 Super Networks


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