GiantProfitAds: Daily Login Bonus

Did you Know?

You can earn up to 6000 credits per day just for logging in to GiantProfitAds?.

A new Login Bonus promo code is generated every day worth 1000 points. Go to Member Home and generate the code. Then go to Advertise Here to redeem that code for different ad types each day of the week

The Daily Bonus button (right above the left side NAV Bar) awards between 2000-5000 points, just for clicking that button and allowing the timer to count down on the ad displayed.

At $3.00 for 1000 points, this is an award valued at $18, just for logging in and a few clicks. Free.

Meet our Sister Site Mad-Cow-Ads

Mad-Cow-Ads is another of my network of sites. Similar bonus awards will be presented there, doubling your ad exposure.

Upgrade to JV or SJV – Get the most for your adverting budget!

Pro members have very limited ability to trade points for ads, in fact, premium ads are available only to JV and SJV membership levels.  JV and SJV also get generous rewards for referrals.  For only $3 per month for JV, and $7 per month for SJV, you could easily spend that for ONE SOLO AD as a Pro member.  A huge monthly allocation of points and Premium ad types are given FOR FREE to paid members.

Referrals are the Lifeblood of Any TAE or TE

That’s right. A JV or SuperJV earns HUGE POINTS FOR EACH REFERRAL in addidtion to points every tine your referral logs in, a percentage of points earned by your referral, and a percentage of cash that referral spends for upgrades or the purchase of ads.

So, do you NOW see why the $7 per month membership is absolutely worth it, just for making ONE REFERRAL.

Not to mention the rewards you get whenever your downline logs in, surfs, or purchasesd advertising.

YOU GET MORE THAN THE VALUE OF $3 per month for JV or $7 per month for SJV WHEN YOU UPGRADE and MAKE ONE REFERRAL!!!

Cheat Controls

Don’t you annoy you that you spend so much time and effort promoting your primary business or other projects, only to have them fall victim to POINT SCRAPERS that ensure your ads are never seen by a human being?  GiantProfitAds and Mad-Cow-Ads use Cheat Controls so that ad must stay on the screen, and the viewer must view your ads.  Even if they use point scrapers, they must at least view the ads to get credit.

Hurry.   Watch the One time Offers (which you do get a second chance for) and Login Offers for GREAT annual memberships and Ad Pack purchases.

Yours in Success,

Rich Moyer

Admin GiantProfitAds, Mad-Cow-Ads