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I keep trying to emphasize that at GiantProfitAds and Mad-Cow-Ads, we are an ADVERTISING COMMUNITY.
For those too impatient to read this summary, I put together a quick video.  I still think there is much more detail in this letter, but jump ahead if you wish.
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No Click, No Surfing Options
Just in case you have not seen the original ad, if you are simply tired of surfing, or clicking for points, and want an allocation of ads assigned either to your account every month, or on demand, I have set up an On Demand and a Subscription Ad program.  
Ad Packs on Giant Profit Ads
Ad Packs on Mad Cow Ads
No more clicking, except for the obligatory California Surfer Solos ads, that will require surfing 5 or 6  ads each day you log on to the Advertise Here section.
These prices are cheaper than you could get if you bought them individually from ADVERTISE HERE.   While there are advantages to upgrading to paid memberships JV and SJV (like the INCREDIBLE Referral rewards), these buying options allow free Pro members to participate in a No Clicking for Points program to get a great deal on ads without having to commit to an upgraded membership fee.  (Pro members have only limited ability to trade points for ads).
Changes to the Navigation Menu
To be sure you get the most out of your GiantProfitAds and Mad-Cow-Ads memberships, there are some changes you might have seen in the Navigation Menu on the left.  I created this video to explain the changes.
In summary:
  • There are some low-cost, non-safelist ad options for Text AdsBanners, and Classified Ads on WomVegas.   Why WomVegas?  There are over 47,000 users per day logging on to WomVegas, and so many more anonymous visitors to see your ads.  This is on the REAL INTERNET and not some protected double-optin safelist where people are only interested in clicking for points or worse yet, point harvesting with automated tools.  People are actually LOOKING AT YOUR ADS.   There are so many different options to promote YOUR ads including promotion using Social Media like Twitter.


  • Second Chance OTO.  Well, in this case, it is the offer that got away.  That’s right.  The Meaning of OTO is ONE TIME OFFER, and if you pass, it is never offered again (at least with the software that powers GiantProfitAds and Mad-Cow-Ads).  I always found it ridiculous to commit to something before you have even been able to see what features and functions are available, and given a chance to “test the waters”  before committing to anything additional.


  • One Year SJV BOGO.  You’ve all seen Buy One Get One offers.  Well, this is one also.  A tremendous savings when you sign up for an SJV membership upgrade at GiantProfitAds, and also get an SJV membership at Mad-Cow-Ads.  Why would you want to do that?  For one reason, the GENEROUS REFERRAL BONUSES that the SJV member has.  You can recruit your referrals to GiantProfitAds, and then get them to sign up for a membership at Mad-Cow-Ads.  You get MONSTER referral bonus points, a percentage of the points each of YOUR REFERRALS earn, and a percentage of MEMBERSHIP UPGRADES, OTO PURCHASES, LOGIN OFFER PURCHASES, and AD PURCHASES.  That’s right.  CASH in your PayPal account!


  • Purchase Current Offer.  This is simply giving you a chance to purchase the offer you saw at login.  Again, I think it is foolish to make a purchase before you have an opportunity to really examine the offer and figure out that it is a good deal or not.  When you are logging in, all you want to do it get past these offers so you don’t lose focus on WHY you logged in: to place ads.


  • Full Page Login Ads.  No better way to get your promotion in front of EVERY MEMBER that logs in.  Your offer hits them right up front.  This is a full page HTML ad, and is not limited to the 600×300 banner you get in a regular Login Ad.


  • Buy Daily Bonus.  If you are not clicking on the daily bonus, shame on you.  That is FREE POINTS – between 2000-5000 points, for viewing a single ad!  Why not put YOUR offer in front of people, and encourage YOUR REFERRALS to be sure they click the DAILY BONUS so you get YOUR AD in front of them when they go to collect those FREE points!


  • Twice Confirmed Traffic.  I mention occasionally that I share my secrets with the membership, and Twice Confirmed Traffic is one of them.  I have been an upgraded subscriber for quite a while, and I get CONSISTENTLY HIGH QUALITY TRAFFIC from this one program.


  • The Traffic Guru.  Again, this is one of my go-to, always high in the rankings, traffic sources.  David Smith (the genius behind AFF Super Networks and Admin For Free sites such as GiantProfitAds and Mad-Cow-Ads) and his team will deliver 4000 clicks for each ad.
Did You Know:  GiantProfitAds is a SURF SITE?
I want to point out that GiantProfitAds is not only a Safelist, but it is also a Surf Site.  I am shocked that this feature is NOT BEING USED.  It is easy.   It is effective.  And a way to EARN HUGE POINT REWARDS QUICKLY.  And even  better – you get to place YOUR OWN SURF ADS.  Start by entering your ads into  My Surf Pages, then view all offers by going into SURF NOW.  START NOW!  What better way to spend the huge number of points you get from REFERRALS?
Other Missed Opportunities
Several other features that are simply not  being used:  Downline Builder and Protect Your Links
  • Downline Builder.  Check out the programs listed.  These include the programs entered by YOUR SPONSOR.  If you have not joined them, click on the link and join those programs.  Many times, these have great OTO’s or promo codes that give you great rewards.  Enter YOUR referral ID’s after you have signed up, and YOUR REFERRALS will be shown YOUR Downline Builder sites!  No easier way to get referrals!


  • Protect Your Links.  There are unscrupulous scoundrels out there that  will strip your referral ID from a sale and substitute their own to STEAL YOUR SALES, and you don’t even know it is happening.  By using a LINK CLOAKER, they can no longer steal your sales.  In addition it gives YOU the ability to track your ads, and also provides EFFORTLESS RECRUITING.  YES.  By using this link cloaker, a link to YOUR REFERRAL ID is displayed in the header bar with your ad!


  • Free eCourses.  See the link on the Nav menu that takes you to a complete listing of both free and low-cost eCourses, ebooks, and videos.  If I must charge (per the license when I purchased these materials, it may not allow me to sell it below a certain price), I guarantee it is the lowest allowable fee.
As always, please feel free to contact me with questions, if you want a demo, or are curious about
other resources I can share with you. Submit a support ticket at either GiantProfitAds or Mad-Cow-Ads.  Consulting is FREE.
Rich Moyer
Call or EMail.
WebcastSource .com
1-484-902-8819 m-f 8am-5pm EDT
Email: richard.moyer.1953@gmail .com
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