Happy New Year – Announcements

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JV and SJV Annual  Membership
  • JV annual membership is $10.00
  • SJV annual membership is $20.00
SuperJV + Ad Pack worth $279
You Pay $60.00 USD! 
See the details of the SJV Upgrade Offer + Ad Pack
>>>>> http://spahoconsulting.net/websites/GiantProfitAdsOTO20141214.html 
Why Upgrade?
  • Pro members have limited privileges
  • Pro members may not submit many premium ad types
  • Pro members earn fewer points
  • Pro members do not get paid commission for referrals
  • Pro members must upgrade within 30 days or the account will be terminated. 
Start Fresh In This New Year with some Account Maintenance.
Just in case you haven’t done much “maintenance” on your ads and features available to you on GiantProfitAds and Mad-Cow-Ads, here are some things you want to check.

1 Protect Your Links.

Most of our members are not taking advantage of this Viral Traffic secret, which is available free to all members:  Pro is allowed 50 links, JV is allocated 100 links, and SuperJV members get 250 links as part of your membership.

You WANT to use this!  Why?  It puts your REFERRAL ID out there in the ad bar of every one of your ads that comes up in the rotation. If someone clicks that link and joins, you get the REFERRAL CREDIT, and so much more (including CASH if your referral upgrades or purchases ads).

My Bad:  I hadn’t checked Protect Your Links on my own accounts for awhile, and I found that I had some bad URL’s, or projects in which I was no longer participating.  

2. Check Banners, Buttons

 Be sure the banner displays properly.  Click the banner to test the URL.  For those expired buttons or banners, you can purchase (or trade credits for) blocks of 1000 views, and then apply it to an existing banner.

3. Hot Links, and Traffic Links.

Click the link to test the URL.  For those expired links, you can purchase (or trade credits for) blocks of  views, and then apply it to an existing link.

4. Downline Builder

There are two important things here: You get to define 3 of YOUR websites, and you get the opportunity to fill in YOUR REFERRAL ID for that site after you join.  New sites are being added all the time, so you should check back, and update the Downline Builder so YOUR REFERRALS can join using YOUR REFERRAL LINK.

5. Review your advertising strategy.

a). Your objective on safelists and traffic exchanges should be to BUILD YOUR LIST not to “sell stuff”.  Once they are on your list, then you periodically make offers, but NURTURE your list, provide them with INFORMATION and VALUE and don’t beat them to death with promotion after promotion.


c). This is a SURF SITE in additon to a Safelist.  You can define YOUR surf ads and get great point rewards for reviewing Surf Sites posted by other members.

d). Admin Ads are rewarded with high point values!

e). Promote the One Time Offers and Login Offers to your downline, and externally.  Why?  You get rewards for getting referrals to sign up here, points EVERY TIME THEY LOG IN, points for every ad they surf or click, and COMMISSIONS for every purchase made by your downline.  


  • You can send to your downline ONCE A WEEK 
  • Use your SPLASH PAGES on safelists and text exchanges – they load faster.  You have THREE SECONDS before the average surfer gets distracted.  Using a slow-loading page may lose the opportunity.


f). Encourage your downlines to:

  • Log in DAILY (you get points)
  • Click the Daily Bonus and Login Bonus
  • SURF (you get points)
  • READ ADS FOR CREDIT (you get points)
  • POST ADS HERE (you get points when they trade points for ads)
  • Purchase Ads Here (you get COMMISSIONS from the sale)

WHY?  This gets YOU credits for any credits earned by your downline, and COMMISSIONS from upgrades and the sale of ads purchased by your downline! 

g). For every 10 ads you place for other projects on this and other safelists an traffic exchanges, you should be promoting GiantProfitAds so you can BUILD YOUR DOWNLINE THROUGH REFERRALS.  

  • You are rewarded HANSOMELY for referrals that upgrade to be paid members.
  • It is an opportunity to build your list
  • It is an opportunity to earn CASH for any upgrades or ad purchases by your referrals
  • Referrals mean new eyes on your ads, more opportunities for referrals in Downline Builder. 

In Tools and Stats, there are graphic assets such as banners, buttons, login ads.  There you wiill also find email swipes.

As always, if you need help, or have questions, fill  out a support ticket. 

Rich Moyer


GiantProfitAds and Mad-Cow-Ads