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Today’s Promo Code at Leads2Cash
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New Admin at Leads2Cash
Helping out Jeff for awhile. My name is Rich Moyer. I have owned over 20 safelists, and as a programmer, upgraded many of the old, stale scripts on as many safelists you probably use, with features like you see below.
Contact me through ther Support button
New Features at Leads2Cash
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NEW! Daily Login Promo Code – A HUGE Reason to Login Every Day! Go to Advertising, right below the mini-menu. Click the button to generate today’s unique Promo Code and redeem at the top of the page for your Ad-of-The-Day.
NEW! Ad Status on the NAV menu – shows how many ads of each type, and ads left to use.
NEW! LiveChat provides direct access for assistance, questions, and support. The little blue box appears at the bottom right side of the screen. I am only one person, and cannot be available on LiveChat all the time, but you can leave a message. I still prefer to receive support tickets using the help desk software due the tracking capabilities. Submit a Support Ticket
NEW! Mini-Menu has been added to the Advertising Page for quick navigation

NEW! Preview and Edit Ads. You have been accustomed to seeing previews for banners and buttons. These are pretty straight forward and members SHOULD be using the preview feature for every ad submitted (HINT!!!!).
The ad types that were missing the real-time preview were those that you could set the background, text, and subject colors: Solo Header, Headline, Block, Premium, AdsPlus, Featured , Spotlight and Login Ads.
Well, NOW YOU HAVE PREVIEW, AND you can EDIT THESE ADS after submitting them (Of course, they must be approved again).
New Videos Added to the L2C Training Page

On the NAV menu, find these videos under L2C Training:

  • QuickCashSolos Tour (new ad types on many sites)
  • Just Added: Previews for Most Ad Types Now Available – No more guessing. No more ugly color combinations!
  • Exclusive Features! Daily Login Promo Code, Advertising Section Mini-Nav-Menu, and the Ad Status Page
  • Organize Your GMail using Filters
  • The New Login Ad Interface
  • Entering a 600×300 Login Ad
  • Lifetime Banners and Button Ads
  • Premium Ad Types: Premium Ads, AdsPlus Ads, Featured AdsPlus Ads, and Spotlight Ads
  • My Programs Setup
  • Affiliate Tools

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Rich Moyer