Signed Up for 4 Corners Yet?

If you have not signed up for 4 Corners Alliance Group yet,

You need to take this seriously!


I’ll Tell You How…


Let me give you the scoop about 4 Corners Alliance Group...
4 Corners has EDUCATIONAL PRODUCTS but also a SELF SUSTAINING Comp Plan designed to MAKE YOU MONEY.  All you need is 4 Active Referrals, and you are on your way.

4 Corners Alliance Group is only ONE PAYMENT
Good for a LIFETIME!
Not $500
Not $250
Not $100

Come ON!  IT'S ONLY $18.00 USD!


What else must you do?

  • Promote 4 Corners Alliance Group.
  • Get 4 Signups!

But WAIT!  

Do you want to GIVE AWAY the leads that show interest in your 4 Corners emails?


sales funnelYou want to capture leads BEFORE they get hit 
with a Sales Page.  You don't want to GIVE AWAY 
those leads, right?


With a Lead Capture System.  OK,  You have the 
lead, and just show them the 4 Corners Sign-up Page
 and start rolling in MONEY, right?


You DON'T want to show the same old Corporate signup page everybody else is promoting.  You want to be unique, and PRE-SELL them BEFORE you present the signup page.  A custom designed lead capture page STARTS the PRE-SALES process.  There is more...
What Can I Help You With?After you get those leads on YOUR LIST, you want to do some 


People rarely BUY on the first exposure to a product or service.  
It takes 7 to 11 exposures for most people to "get it";  
to recognize you, your product, features and benefits, and build TRUST.


  • With an Autoresponder.
  • Expose your LIST to those features and benefits gradually over a period of time.  Give them information in small chunks, a little at a time.  
  • You also want to tell them how YOU can help them succeed.  And convince them to JOIN YOUR TEAM.

Which Lead Capture System and Autoresponder?

Many groups have formed that provide lead capture and autoresponders for 4 Corners Alliance.
I recommend Team Elite Responder.


  • Cost – It is a ONE TIME fee of $47 for a Lifetime Gold Membership.  
  • No Monthly Fees.  
  • Unlimited Lead Capture Pages.
  • Unlimited Autoresponders.  
  • Unlimited Subscribers.
  • Dozens of Done-For-You Lead Capture Pages
  • Dozens of Done-For-You Autoresponder Campaigns including 4 Corners
  • Thousands of Credits for promoting your landing pages
Let's Compare Other Autoresponders (links are provided so you can verify)...
XLN – $11.95 per month
  • Unlimited Subscribers. Capture Pages, Autoresponders
  • Has a 4 Corners done-for-you funnel
Get Response – $15 Per Month
  • Price increases the more subscribers you get
  • Optional Lead Capture Pages
TrafficWave – $17.95 per month
  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • No Lead Capture Pages
  • No Done-for-you Campaigns
GVO/Pure Leverage – $24.95 per month
  • Price increases the more subscribers you get
  • No Lead Capture Pages except for GVO/Pure Leverage etc.
Aweber – $19 per month
  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • No Lead Capture Pages
  • No Done-for-you Campaigns
The Conversion Pros  – $50 per month
  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • Excellent Lead Capture Pages but you must use with their internal autoresponder, Aweber, or GetResponse.  Does not support HTML forms from other autoresponders which limits their ability to work with other programs.
  • No Done-for-you Campaigns
So, you see...

Team Elite Responder is the LOGICAL choice to promote not only 4 Corners, but ALL of your programs.

That’s it!
If you do nothing else today…
  • Join Team Elite Home Businesses for the $47 Lifetime Gold Membership, which includes the Team Elite Responder
  • SIGN UP for 4 Corners Alliance Group!!!
  • Let’s Build your Lead capture pages and campaigns TOGETHER
  • Promote it like crazy.
So, let's replay this a little  because you skipped all the important stuff and jumped right to the bottom line...
Sign Up for Team Elite Responder then…
Sign Up for 4 Corners Alliance Group
You don’t have $47 for Team Elite Responder? 
You don’t have $18 for 4 Corners? 
  • Then you are not serious about this business.
    Thanks for your time.  Enjoy your hobby, but I am running a business.
You don’t know where to promote?
Contact me.  You are on MY TEAM.
Do You Need Training, eCourses, and eBooks?
Contact me.  You are on MY TEAM.
My contact info:
Rich Moyer
1-484-902-8819 m-f 8am-5pm EST
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