Here’s MY Testimonial… and some background.

I had a colleague venting about his frustrations with Network Marketing…

My response…

Me too. I sent out 963,000 emails the other day. Earnings directly attributed to those promotions: $2.10

But… it also led to 40 minutes of consulting with someone that contacted me on Live-chat.

Live-Chat discussions have led to:

  • AIOP sign-ups – monthly residual
  • TDL signups – monthly residual
  • TeamEliteHomeBusinesses signups – monthly residual
  • Safelist upgrades – one-time commissions
  • WorldProfit Silver membership – monthly residual
  • When people sign up for these, I become their "trusted authority" or mentor, an ongoing consulting relationship that eventually leads to many other downline sales

The emails may stimulate site visits, that then display Live-Chat, but the sales are directly attributable to Live-Chat interactions. I have that code on every safelist I own, every landing page, and Worldprofit page.

If I can talk or directly communicate with someone, my results are clearly better than email marketing. I am a good consultant, and good listener, but by "marketer" standards, I am a poor salesman because I don’t go for the jugular or close the "big" sales. I’m here for the "long game".

  • Email gets them to the table.
  • Direct communication is the waiter that tells them the specials and convinces them to order appetizers and dessert.
  • Sometimes they only order water and a baked potato, but they THINK about the entree, and on next visit, order a hamburger, and eventually come back to order the steak… or not.
  • I create a following that eventually results in sales.

So… I guess I’m good at selling RELATIONSHIPS, and not STUFF. I found that I want to HELP people, many times at the expense of that "killer sale" but once I establish that relationship the sales eventually come. I don’t care about the sale THIS WEEKEND – I’m looking forward to the sale I make 2 years from now, and all the time in-between.

So… after working as a professional consultant for many years, I’ve observed that SALESMEN have a short attention span. CONSULTANTS help them take the LONG VIEW so they can continue to make sales over and over again.

If not for all the tools: landing pages, magic list builder, lead magnet, sales chat; the traffic sources, incentives and EVERYTHING from WorldProfit that I use and integrate into everything I do EVERY DAY, this would not be possible.


Rich Moyer
WorldProfit Platinum VIP Member 4+ years

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