How I Send 250,000 Emails Per Day

People ask how I send 250,000-500,000 emails per day.
Planning, Organization, Routine, Follow-up

I would follow Joe’s lead. He promotes the WorldProfit TEHB page and other Supernet pages. All leads go to the Supernet message group.

Be sure you update your TEHB profile with the affiliate IDs

I used the Background Capture Page tool to create my own landing page for 1GoldMine. Supernet Group, Redirect to 1Goldmine affiliate ID

I vary Joe’s method somewhat: every day I promote 3 primary programs, and a spattering of safelists. I promote to:

  • my safelists: solos, credit mail (every day),
  • my favorite safelists and mailers (every 1-2 days),
  • Supernetwork Solos on various sites (vary the program, subject lines).
  • Pangea, SuperListExplode, 1Goldmine (1-2 days)
  • YVT, YVM, 10x, HLM, 100pct mailers (1-2 days)
  • Broadcasts to autoresponder subscribers (every 3-4 days)
  • Broadcast to WorldProfit prospects (every 2-3 days
  • Solo eblast at WorldProfit every 3-4 days
  • I send introduction emails or Call-Loop messages to 10 leads per day using SendGrid
  • I send 1 broadcast weekly to RapidMailer lists of imported leads (~5000 subscribers)

Routine tasks

  • Every new signup gets a personal "welcome" email. I use templates I store in Gmail Canned Responses
  • I select existing sites, or join 1 new site daily and populate banners, buttons, text ads, login ads, etc. if I have points to use
  • If really ambitious, I populate downline builders (mindless stuff while in front of TV)
  • I generally create 1-2 landing pages and funnels per day and incorporate them into my promotion plan.
  • I generally create several new solo ad copy message daily. These are stored and cataloged in EverNote
  • All affiliate IDs are stored in Excel (name, affiliate URL)
  • All affiliate tools for current sites and programs are stored in Excel. 1 row per program:
    • Name
    • Banner URL 468×60
    • Target URL (Landing page URL)
    • Button URL 125×125
    • Short Text Ad or subject line
    • Login Ad URL 600×300
    • Affiliate URL

Every few days I look at TEHB leads. Any leads more than a couple weeks old get moved to the SuperNet group. Older Leads with score=0 I shift to another message group just to keep the email flow going but eventually they get moved back to SuperNet. When transferring, do not click the box to send an instant message.

Likewise with GetResponse and Aweber – they get shifted to my Clickbank list

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