How to Create Login Ads on Safelists

There are two types of Login Ads:

Full Page Login Ads

  • HTML or graphic ads of any width and height.
  • These are premium ads that are not usually traded for points – more often, they are CASH via Paypal or Payza.
  • Most times they are shown on a particular calendar day.

Graphic login ads

  • 600×300 Graphics only.
  • MUST NOT  EXCEED 600px Width!  
  • Some lattitude is given for height, but not too much over 300 px.


Submitting Graphic Login Ads – Two Different Methods

1. Standard form with fields for Name or Subject (your eyes only), Banner URL (600×300 only), Target URL

Pretty easy.  You just copy/paste the subject and URLs.


  • Enter Your Subject in the Subject Field (Seen only by you)ylfc login ad Capture
  • Click HTML on the Editor Button Bar
  • Copy and Paste this into the HTML Code Window:

<a href=”” target=”_blank” >
<img src=”http://Your600x300URL.jpg” ></a>

See the Video Demonstration