How to get some nice Perks AND CASH bonuses!!

We’re looking for people to join our Monitor Team. How about you?

It’s a great way to earn some nice PERKS and CASH BONUSES!

Worldprofit is the only company that offers a Monitor Network as part of our Live Business Center.

The purpose of the Live Business Center is for closing sales for ALL Members of our growing Home Business Community.
Monitors are the key people that take part in this very important sales closing system while learning the workings of Worldproft’s earn at home training system. Worldprofit’s LIVE Business Center is where it all happens! Free Associates referred by our Members login and see the Live Business Center – and see our Monitors. Many of these free Associates are so impressed that they upgrade to Silver membership to enjoy full privileges. For people worldwide, our LIVE Business Center is their portal into the excitement of all of the services, resources, training and software offered at Worldprofit.

Qualifications to be a Monitor

An eagerness to learn about online marketing and sales for your own benefit while helping others do the same.
Ability to follow directions.
Have a Headset for your computer and a reliable Internet connection.

Being a Monitor means standing out from the crowd by demonstrating you’re serious about building your online business. It also means enjoying some generous perks including free Associates, free advertising, and CASH bonuses for Silver sales made while on duty. PLUS -it’s the best way to learn!

We provide complete training so you know what to do. We start you off as a JR Monitor and when you are ready graduate you to a SR Monitor to receive full perks! Our Monitors are nice and helpful people, they are not pushy sales people. Our Monitors are part of a helping community – people helping people.

It’s a POWERFUL System. ONLY offered at Worldprofit and ONLY possible through the generosity and commitment of our Monitor Team.

Monitors enjoy the following benefits.

-Learn about the extensive, sophisticated, comprehensive services and training offered at Worldprofit
-Develop valuable sales closing skills
-Get the opportunity to learn yourself and help people understand the valuable services offered at Worldprofit
-Assignment of free Associate Members (SR Monitors earn 20 Associates per Silver sale)
-Assignment of unsponsored Associates to you when you are Monitor on Duty.
-When you are on Duty as a Monitor, some of the Associates logging in may be sponsored by you! This is a great opportunity to connect with your own Associates LIVE and in person, make a good impression, make them an offer to upgrade to Silver membership.
-Preferential rates on selected software and on renewal of services with Monitor ONLY reserved pricing.
-SR Monitors earn a Cash Bonus of $5 for closing Silver Membership sales/upgrades. This can add up and is tallied at month end and added to your Commissions.
-For each Silver sale you close, enjoy 5,000 mailing credits at Use these to promote anything you like.
-Enjoy the trust, respect and sincere appreciation of Worldprofit Management.
-Enjoy the enormous gratitude of all Members of our community who benefit from sales being made for them by the Monitors! (Dealers promote and the Monitors try to close the sales.)
-Be an active part of our Worldprofit home business community, it’s rewarding, build friendships all over the world.

General Responsibilities of being a Volunteer Monitor

Have a solid familiarity about Worldprofit the company, and genuine belief and enthusiasm for the services offered. You don’t need to know it all!
Greet and welcome Associates as they login to the Live Business Center, assist them to locate the services, and make a Silver Membership Upgrade Offer. You don’t do technical support of any kind as a Monitor, leave that to us here.
Reliability, for scheduling of the hours volunteered each week – YOU pick your own hours
Notification if unable to meet those scheduled hours and correction of scheduling on the Monitor Schedule.
Willingness to follow the training and procedures as provided.
Demonstrate professional conduct at all times.

Apply for the Monitor Training.

To apply to join our Monitor Team, submit a Support Ticket and say "HEY. I want to be a Monitor". We will send you the details and get you started in the training program. We will get you started in your training and you can rub shoulders with our elite team of Monitors!
Don’t be shy.

Final words from our Monitors…

"I love being a Monitor and helping! And, I love Worldprofit and look forward to growing here! Sandi and George make us feel at home and the whole process, site, tools and training are all amazing. "

"I have been a Worldprofit member for many years. When the Live Business Center was up and running
I was one of the first inline to be a monitor. When I am able to close a sale for someone who has never made 5 cents online, and I receive an
email from them thanking me for doing so, it makes my day. Plus the perks we get are nice too! Monitoring is my way of giving back to a company that has given me so much over the years. The fact that the training has really helped run my own business matters too."

Brian Armstrong, Ontario, Canada

"Why I love to be a Monitor. Because I LOVE WORLDPROFIT. I know you can make money with Worldprofit and I want to let everyone that comes into the Live Business Center know they can make money too. I like to talk to people and having a customer service and sales background (management) I like to talk with nice people. I like to tell new associates what Worldprofit offers and how they can make money. I probably talk too much but I feel the more they know about Worldprofit the better so they will see the value of what we offer. I love the bonuses you get when you do make a sale and the new associates you receive when they belong to no one else. One other thing, when you are a monitor you learn about Worldprofit , what we offer and the importance of consistently promoting so I can grow my own online business."
Jane Clark, USA.

"When I first came to Worldprofit and saw the monitors at work I was blown away. I had never seen anything like that, and after 9 years with Worldprofit I still haven’t seen anything like it to this day. The monitor program has been a great learning tool for me. It also fulfills a key element to success on the net. Helping others to succeed. I like that it also gives me control over my own business. Contributing my time to keep the Live Business Center live and preserves that great element of "Blown Away", live for myself and the other dealers. Also, an added benefit, is that I have lots of fun doing it. Along the way George has added many benefits for us, to the monitor program. We get paid for sales and get free associates added to our accounts, along with credits to use in Safelist Extreme….If you really want to succeed online, jump in with two feet and join the monitor program. You will be glad you did. "
Linda Elze, California, USA.