How to use your points at L2C, CMA and VCM

How to use your points at Leads2Cash, Critical Mass Ads and ViralCashMultiplier

The system mailer does not require extra points until membership reaches 5000 (currently under 500). You can send system/credit mail every couple days (depending on membership level).

If you promote using affiliate tools, and generate referrals, you can email your referrals.

You can trade points for ads. For instance, you can trade:

  • 50,000 points for a 468×60 banner ad or 125×125 button ad. This site has very good CTRs on banner and text ads
  • 2 text links with 1000 views at 25,000 each or
  • 1 text link with 2500 views for 50,000 or
  • 1 600×300 login ad

To earn more points, login to the site.

  • The Fullpage ad that shows at login is worth up to 1200 credits
  • There may also be a Spotlight Ad that rewards credits
  • The Daily Bonus can reward you a random credit value from 200 to 2000 credits
  • The Daily Promo Code can be redeemed for a different ad type every day
  • The banner ads and text links at the top of solo ad headers are clickable (reward points per membership level)
  • NAV banners (below NAV menu are clickable)
  • Use the View All xxx buttons to view ads of all types. All are clickable
  • The headline ads, header ads, AdsPlus Ads, Featured Ads, Premium Ads in the member area are all clickable
  • Solo Ads and Supernetwork Solos earn high click credits, and some double credits at Happy Hour

It takes very little time to generate a boatload of credits using ONSITE methods.

Upgraded members get huge ad and credit packs, and receive MONTHLY ads and credits. The GOLD 2nd Chance OTO is the best deal: $17 one-time. Earns 50% of Sales.

Speaking of referrals,

  • You earn COMMISSIONS that can betraded for credits when your referrals upgrade or purchase ads.
  • You earn credits when your referrals login
  • You earn a percentage of credits your referrals earn
  • If you join the sites in the downline builder and post your affiliate link, when your referrals join THESE sites, they join in YOUR downline
  • If you use Viral Links, Viral Ads, or Viral Rotators, you have an opportunity to gain referrals if people click the header links on your ads and join

Think about how long it takes to generate 100 clicks on a solo ad or credit mail. ONE Global Viral Super Solo consistently delivers over 100 clicks for EACH Solo Ad. It costs $3.99, or 5 for $14.99.

Most safelist solo ads deliver less than 2% CTR (1-10 clicks). SuperNetwok Solos are still safelist solos but you are generating 2% for EACH SITE, and there are DOZENS of sites and tens of thousands of members connected to these SuperNetworks.

My other sites have a variety of SuperNetworks installed. My favorites are Speedy, TopApex, EQSolos, and GlobalViral. All have ads that deliver 100+ clicks and cost under $7 each. Bulk pricing is available.

Lifetime Banner and Lifetime Text Ads never expire. These are truly a value. And they are given priority in the display queue (shown first and more often)

Every site is different, and you should post some test ads.

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