This is HUGE

If you are serious about safelist advertising, I strongly recommend you take the time to consider this offer.

This has many steps, but will be WELL WORTH YOUR EFFORT.

What’s In It For You?

  • Access to advertising channels with an advertising reach of literally HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Double Opt-In members with an interest in Home Based Business and Internet Marketing.
  • Access to a truly Viral Advertising Platform that generates substantial traffic to your ads or websites with little effort.
  • CommissionsCommissions and other rewards for referrals
  • Access to tools, resources, and products from a TWENTY-YEAR OLD COMPANY whose ONLY business is educating YOU so you can be successful in YOUR PRIMARY BUSINESS.
  • Access to the BEST INTERNET TRAINING ON THE PLANET taught by George Kosch, who taught MILITARY JET PILOTS HOW TO FLY.  He’s GOOD!
  • Access to FREE CONSULTING to understand YOUR BUSINESS or help you get started with a business.

You will need a pen and paper so you can take some notes as you go through the steps to GET YOU STARTED ON THIS JOURNEY.

This is BIG.  

gmailEnter your First Name and Email into the Signup Form to the right.  You will be required to CONFIRM your email address, so be sure to check your email Inbox (and also your SPAM folder).  You cannot proceed without this confirmation.

So, What Did I Just Sign Up For?

As a free gift, you will get over 300 days of Home Business Tips Newsletter sent right to your inbox.  (These are SO good, I signed up myself for the list, and I OWN IT!).  You can unsubscribe at any time.

What Is Next After That?

What Can I Help You With?You will be taken to another webpage that gives you STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS on how to proceed.

You will be required to provide your PAYPAL account, or credit card in order to complete the next steps.  A full disclosure of the costs, features, and benefits will be provided BEFORE you are charged anything.

I would like for you to at least look over the offer on the next page (after confirmation to Home Business Tips Newsletter).  I am available to DISCUSS THIS WITH YOU, provide demonstrations, and help you understand the full scope of this offer.  I guarantee that there is SO MUCH MORE to this offer than you could possibly imagine and I do not want you to SPEND ONE DIME without talking me to explain everything to you.

I spent the better part of my career with Fortune 50 companies as a professional consultant, and I had my own consulting firm since 1998.  Now that I am retired, my consulting is FREE.  My way of “Paying It Forward” as my mentors have done with me.

Please feel free to contact me for confidential, one-on-one discussions about this offer, or for that matter, anything else pertaining to YOUR BUSINESS.  I look forward to having you  on my team.

Rich Moyer
Phone: 484-902-8819 M-F 8am-5pm EDT (USA)
Skype: richard.moyer.1953@
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