I (heart) Banners

Banner Advertising is NOT Dead

Banners are:
  • Simple
  • Succinct
  • To the point
  • No long emails to read
Banners are EVERYWHERE
  • On safelist sites
  • In credit eMail headers
  • Surf sites
  • Banner-Only Sites
  • Blog sidebars and footers
  • Downline Builders

Example Safelist Members Area

Did you know you get credits for clicking banner on many sites? 
  • It’s an untapped resource.
  • Banners are typically Low COST or can be “purchased” for fewer credits than most other ads
  • People are unaware they can earn TONS of Credits by clicking banners
  • Credits can be applied to “purchase” other ads
  • Most sites allow you to “edit” your entries (unlike Solo Ads, premium ads)
  • Better than surfing.  
  • Complements surfing – gives you something to do while waiting for the timer to expire
  • There is a huge trend:  Lifetime Banners that never expire.
Not every site does well with banner advertising
  • Some do better with Banner ads (468×60)
  • Some do better with Button ads (125×125)
  • Some do great with Login Ads (600×300)

My Favorite Banner-Only sites:


Sites with high CTR’s for Banners



Button Ads Do Better On Some Sites.  

My Favorite Button Sites:

  • Sleeping Dog Solos

  • Textalicious
  • Real Time Ad Blast

  • Free Safelist King



Check Back Often – this list will be updated regularly

Rich Moyer



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