I Need Your Help

We all have a great little safelist here at Freedom Mails, but we must ALL work to build up this site to make it a GROWING and ACTIVE part of our Advertising Community.

 Give me some ideas and feedback.

  • What would you like to see here to make it better for you?
  • What can I do to help you better promote THIS SITE.
  • What incentives to join would YOU like to see?
  • What incentives to upgrade would YOU like to see?
  • What incentives can I offer (within reason) to help YOU get more referrals? 
  • What information do YOU need about features and functions?

Growing Freedom Mails benefits ALL of us.

Here are some steps I have taken so far…  

  • I created an autoresponder that sends an email daily for several weeks, each explaining features, functions, some ideas for promotion, and some resources to help our members understand so they can USE this system to get the most for their advertising efforts
  • I created a Blog for Freedom Mails.
  • I created an eBook called the Freedom Mails Manual.  
  • I have included Freedom Mails as an actively participating site in our Advertising Community.  
  • I have stepped up promotion for this site individually, and in combination with my other safelists and traffic exchanges.  
  • I am cross-promoting Freedom Mails on my other sites.
  • I am sending out ads on SuperNetworks
  • I added Payza as a payment method
  • I will be adding Freedom Mails Promo Codes to my Promo Code Frenzy newsletter
  • Once we reach the minimum member threshold I will be adding Promo codes for this site on Truckloads of Ads, Friday Night List, and Exclusive Promo Codes.
Again, I need YOUR help, so YOU will see the benefits of increased visibility for YOUR ADS.  You will be the benefiary of rewards of points, ads, and CASH for upgrades and purchases by YOUR referrals.  
This is your chance to get your ideas heard.  I look forward to your comments.  
Rich Moyer
Owner and Admin