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I had an extensive discussion with a fellow WorldProfit dealer. We talked about many things, but this helps me recall so I don’t go "duh" the next time we talk… I also thought of other things after we hung up.

  • WorldProfit Landing Pages – add HTML code to Header 3 for picture
    <br> <img src="" ></img><br>YOURNAME<br>YOUR MESSAGE<br>
  • Free Autoresponder and landing pages – The SuperNet Business Hub is a free autoresponder in TeamEliteHomeBusinesses. Look at the Quickstart page for free options. The key is to join as many of the 39 streams of income as a free member and update your profile with the affiliate ID’s. Once you have those updated, everything is set up for you – just promote the great looking landing pages as is. All Landing Pages and autoresponder followup messages are Done-For-You. I think you can generate an HTML form code that you can use as lead capture for your WorldProfit landing pages, or other lead capture pages.
  • Once you have your cpanel account
    • I’ll send you my _splashpagetemplate.php code and the "include" files. You simply copy the "include file" template and update the copy with the specifics for each project: 600×300 login banner, affiliate ID, HTML code for your autoresponder, and you have a custom lead capture page. I’ll give you detailed instructions once we get to that point.
    • Create a page similar to mine for eCourses
  • Rotators after your signature line on broadcasts: you have rotators available in CommissionsUnleashed, YourLuckyFastCash, CashStreamMaximizer, even as a free member. Once you get a cpanel account, I’ll give you the code I wrote for the rotators. Ideas for rotators:
    • Featured Clickbank Products – from ClickBank Promo Kit.
    • Featured eBooks – from the WorldProfit vault or Resellers Cliub.
    • Featured eCourses – from Autoresponse Center
    • Featured Business Systems – all the landing pages from affiliate programs (like those in your SuperNet Business Hub, WorldProfit)
    • Need Traffic? – your safelist affiliate IDs for sites that EARN COMMISSIONS (ie. CommissionsUnleashed, YourLuckyFastCash, CashStreamMaximizer, EvolutionAds, Dave Mosher VIP upgrades)
    • Here is a sample of some of mine.

Check Out Today’s Featured ClickBank Product


Check out Today’s Free eBook or Video


Check Out Today’s Featured Home Business System


Free Marketing Reports


(Click Link Again for More Choices)

  • Create Ebooks – use the Article Directory or PLR from Vault (if Rights allow it) for content. Use the WorldProfit landing pages (LP Design 4) to promote your ebooks. Add them to your WorldProfit website
  • You DO have an autoresponder as a Platinum VIP member. It allows creation of your own autoresponse sequences and has a link to create the sign-up form (I have over 500 subscribers to 13 eCourses)
  • If you need sample autoresponse messages, see my blog:
  • Broadcast content: 400 Home Business Tips (my most popular list). You MAY copy these – just include copyright info but DELETE the statement that says your subscribers can copy them. Only I can grant that license. Sign up on my blog
  • Sign up for as a free member. When I see your confirmation, I’ll upgrade you to Lifetime member. This site is a clone of Quantum Safelist, the mothership of WorldProfit. It also includes the MegaPLRStore (but you already get that as Platinum VIP). I’ll dump a bunch of safelist points and solos (to 9,000+ members on the WorldProfit SuperNetwork) onto your ID. Member-2-Member Email to 5,000 every 3 days. Double digit CTRs on banners and text ads – they appear in the WorldProfit rotators.
  • I will be admin of 3 sites I am "rescuing" – Once I get them fixed up, I’ll send you links to join as a free member and I’ll comp you the upgrades
  • Join startup sites that offer free upgrades. Startup sites tend to have ACTIVE members, lots of perks
  • – get a free account
    • Put html code they give you in the Analytics box of every WorldProfit landing page
  • Rent a safelist from Kenny Lessing that includes 2 or more SuperNetworks.

    • Cost is $5-$15 per month including hosting.
    • You get 2-4 SuperSolos per month for each SuperNetwork.
    • Promote your site, upgrade specials.
    • You get unlimited advertising for your own programs: WorldProfit, cross-promote your commission-earning safelists, banners.
    • Send Admin ads or Solo Ads daily
    • Offer Universal Bonus Builder traffic packages as incentives
    • If the site allows creation of custom pages, add pages for Free eCourses, Free eBooks, WorldProfit Rotators, ClickBank Store, MegaPLR Store
    • Most sites have an autoresponder. Create message stream of "how-to" messages for each of the site functions (You can copy/adapt from mine on Put incentives, rotators after your signature line
    • Offer free upgrades for new Silver members in your WorldProfit downline – good incentives, a place for them to promote,
    • Offer promo codes as incentives
    • Create a custom splash page (like with lead capture to your WorldProfit autoresponder or TEHB
    • Put html code for MyLiveChat in site footer
  • Promo Codes for sites I just sold – the admin has not removed the promo codes (I’m not pushing upgrades, just join sites for free to get the free ads from promo codes)
  • Free Organic Traffic – post your current promotions ad copy to your blog.
    • Use the free WorldProfit blog, or sign up for a free WordPress blog at
    • Add your signature line with rotators, Universal Bonus Builder traffic packages, ebooks, etc.
  • You already have a Personal Live Business Center and Live Meeting Center as Platinum VIP


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