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Not IF but When

There is a new case of Identity Theft REPORTED every 21 seconds in the US.  Depending on what type of breach, the UNREPORTED estimates are as high as 60% – so only 40% of these cases are REPORTED.

By the time you SUSPECT or become AWARE of a breach, it is too late.  The problem is that, due to the complex nature of these crimes and the cross-jurisdictional issues, the police or federal officials have a herculean task, and they simply don’t have the resources to investigate all but the largest and highest profile cases.

Essential Steps

Awareness and Prevention

Off-site Data Backup and Protection

Monitoring and Detection

Remediation, and



My name is Rich Moyer.  I have had first-hand experience with stolen and forged checks, numerous credit card accounts compromised, and an incident of major credit card fraud from which I personally lost $25,000. In the past year alone, I have 4 incidents of unauthorized transactions on my VISA card which I use for my Internet Business. My wife’s medical records were just recently hacked.  So, I share these experiences, along with recommendations from the Federal Trade Commission and the FBI in the free seminars I conduct.

I am available to provide Identity Theft Awareness and Prevention Seminars for FREE in several formats: in-person presentations, live online webinars, or online playbacks of recorded webinars.  

Please contact me if your group, organization, or company is looking for speakers, or information on Identity Theft.  I will consider in-person engagements within the tri-state area surrounding Philadelphia, PA.


Presentation Schedule

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Link to Federal Trade Commission Resources


Contact Information

Richard Moyer

484-902-8819 Mon-Fri 8am-5pm EST


Full disclosure: I do recommend an affordable data backup product (GotBackup), and an Identity Theft Prevention and Remediation/Recovery product (Safe ID Theft).  This is not a money maker for me: I don’t even break even doing these presentations.

I DO personally use these products myself (and pay for them just as you would do).  I do a comparison of LifeLock (the nationally advertised Identity Theft product) and Safe ID Trust.  I found that LifeLock is prohibitively expensive for most seniors and families.  Safe ID Trust, a product that is a more affordable solution with the same or better monitoring and protection, and Done-For-You Remediation and Recovery.  These presentations are NOT an hour long sales pitch.  The actual product discussion is only on several slides.


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