Commissions Unleashed and Your Lucky Fast Cash 

To Members of Your Lucky Fast Cash and Commissions Unleashed

I wanted you to know what is going on and give you a heads up
that some changes have been made to both sites.  


Our friend, Joe Freyaldenhoven, had his Paypal accounts canceled,
and was left without a way to pay his members.

On Friday, Frank Salinas announced that he is dropping
“Instant Commissions” from all of his sites due to the looming
difficulties with Paypal.  

Member Purchases

I am investigating other ways to accept payments, and am
looking into the extent of software changes that must be made
to accept payments using a credit card or debit card and
completely divorce myself from Paypal and Payza for
member purchases.  

Commission Payments

I have adopted a more traditional weekly commissions payment
method.  This has been implemented.  Payments for purchases,
for now, will be made to me via Paypal and Payza and
commissions payouts can be requested by submitting a Support Ticket.

Commission payments can be requested only for $10 or more.

Commissions will be paid using only PAYPAL.  Payments will be processed
on Friday with at least 3 days notice via the support request.  If you
submit a payment request on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, your
payment will be processed the following Friday.  

Why This Is Happening

This is a preemptive measure to avoid the painful situation
surrounding suspension or cancellation of Paypal payments.


Trigger Words That Must Be Avoided

It seems that the controversy with Paypal started from
the use of the term, Instant Commissions.

I have removed the words “Instant Commissions” from all
pages I could access.  From today going forward, the
words “Instant Commissions” must not be associated with
Commissions Unleashed or Your Lucky Fast Cash.

How This Affects You

I have updated all of the sample email and text ad swipes
that can be found in the Affiliate Toolbox.  Members
are responsible for updating their own email and text ad

The site graphics have been modified and posted:
468×60 banners, 125×125 buttons, and 600×300 login ads.

This will not affect any of your advertisements that use graphic
ads served from these sites, however, any graphics that had
previously been downloaded would NOT be in compliance,
so it is the member’s responsibility to download and replace
those non-compliant graphic ads.

I want to maintain a good relationship with Paypal so, since the
recent actions against my fellow site owners have been around
the use of “Instant Commissions”, we ALL need to realize that
these measures are necessary, and work towards avoiding
any issues to provoke Paypal.

The good news is that Your Lucky Fast Cash and Commissions Unleashed
remain VIABLE, RELIABLE, and ROBUST advertising venues
and will continue to GROW and THRIVE.  If for nothing else,
you should CONTINUE to grow our membership – REFERRALS
ARE THE LIFEBLOOD of Network Marketing, and will continue
to be so for a long time going forward. 

We will not allow the temper tantrums of a few individuals at Paypal
destroy what many of us have worked so hard to build.

Thanks for understanding.

Rich Moyer
Owner and Admin

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