It’s All About Value, Traffic, Tools, Training

So, why should YOU consider the WorldProfit Silver Member upgrade?

I won’t give you sales pitches, because, as you know, I use what I sell.
The best endorsement I can give is to tell you how I USE WORLDPROFIT

At any given time I have 1-2 windows open to WorldProfit. I use:

  • Lazy Blogger – every day. I post your newsletters to my blog in category WorldProfit, and all new ad copy I use to post to category "current-promotions" – ORGANIC TRAFFIC to my promotions!
  • I index my blogs and websites with SEO Optimizer Pro – to thousands of search engines
  • I make lots of banners and graphics of all kinds: graphic tools and libraries are great sources
  • Landing Page Builder – I have about 100 in WorldProfit, ( I also have 130+ in TEHB, 40-50 I built). I have MyLiveChat installed so that a live chat starts with every landing page display!
  • Video vault – I post many of my videos (I have almost 300 on my YouTube Channel) and share them with other WorldProfit members
  • Solo eBlaster to 15000 – I send every 3 days
  • Prospect Manager broadcasts to my list (associates) 2-3 times per week
  • Prospect Manager – also sends associate signups to my autoresponders
  • Call Loop – (optional but CHEAP) sends my recorded voice message to leads
  • Traffic Injector – I get hundreds of thousands of points EVERY MONTH
  • Use Traffic Injector sites every couple days to send email promotions
  • Magic List builder ~100 entries – I create my own pop-ups
  • URL Cloaker ~844 entries for cloaking (protection) and tracking through the Ad Tracker
  • Traffic Multiplier puts a title bar with signup for free visitors – they become associates
  • Universal Bonus Builder for traffic bonus (valued at $27 to $197 each package) – enticements
  • Offer Builder (Combo packages of ebooks, videos, training) – enticements
  • Lead Funnels (using 4 of them) – organize and display
  • ClickBank Promo Kit – Done-For-You ad copy is written for the END USER, not only marketers
  • ClickBank Maximizer – (optional) – shows multiple CB products with a single CB promo
  • I have a dozen or so eBooks I have created as lead magnets, I use cover maker, the article directory, PLR for ideas and content
  • Autoresponse Center, FB, Twitter, Pinterest – eCourses I offer in my membership sites
  • Link Manager – store frequently used links, and shows a summary page with those links
  • I occasionally post to the exclusive WorldProfit FB group
  • Diamond URL Rotator, Gold Banner Rotator, Sapphire Solo Rotator – (optional) great sources of passive traffic – in 1 year I received 10,000+ views for each of the 5 "slots" in each rotator and hundreds of clicks.
  • Ad and Banner Rotators are installed on my websites (more passive traffic)
  • Ruby Solo eBlaster – I get 250-450 clicks for EVERY Solo Ad I send
  • ClickBank Store, eBay Store, Amazon Store installed on multiple websites
  • Senior Monitor in the Live Business Center – I get free associates and rewards for helping to close sales on behalf of other members
  • 200+ traffic sources – this is a massive downline builder – all my associates who join these sites join MY downline.
  • Promo Codes – I offer promo codes to WorldProfit members for my safelist sites
  • My safelist WebcastSource (purchased through WorldProfit and is a mirror image of Quantum Safelist – the WorldProfit "mothership")
  • All the Banner and Text Ads, and Exchange Ads on WebcastSource are shown on the massive WorldProfit SuperNetwork (double digit CTRs)
  • Mega PLR Store (included with Platinum VIP) – complete shopping cart with over 200 products for sale. This is included for YOU with the Lifetime Upgrade at WebcastSource (you do not need to be a Silver member to get this on WebcastSource)
  • Solo ads on WebcastSource go to over 9000 WorldProfit members! I offer bulk pricing on Solo Ads
  • My blog is hosted by WorldProfit (optional)
  • I use Instabuilder (optional) to design and build professional quality landing pages and sales pages
  • I offer free top-level upgrades on WebcastSource to Silver Members in my downline
  • All ad copy, subject lines, landing pages, sale pages, and shopping cart/checkout – Done-For-You!
  • Sales Center – all my associates see MY affiliate programs. I get notification when they access my pages.
  • Email Ad Copy Generator – writer’s block when creating ad copy? This gives GREAT ideas!
  • Training – EVERY function has its own training module – over 125 modules – use as you need it
  • Bootcamp training – not only for newbies. It got me back on track. I THOUGHT I knew how to promote. I was wrong. I did a "reboot" and learned the "right way".
  • Weekly LIVE workshops with George Kosch giving live demos and screen sharing to answer questions – the workshops are recorded and I sometimes view them multiple times.

I’m sure there are things I missed.

EVERYTHING YOU NEED is in ONE PLACE for ONE MONTHLY FEE and integrated with everything else.

Is this something YOU could use to organize, create, and promote ANY online program?
It’s called the Silver Membership. Join and UPGRADE NOW!

Rich Moyer