Why Join A Startup Site?

First, I want to thank you for joining, and my hope is that you recognize, as I do, the opportunity in a startup safelist.

I want to settle the argument, “why should I join a site with so few members?”

You are looking at these numbers ALL WRONG!  It is not the total membership that counts!  There are two factors I look at:  the percentage of PAID members, and the number of ACTIVE MEMBERS.  

Most of the revenue on any site comes from 5% to 15% of the membership.  The number of PAID, UPGRADED members is what counts. Paid members are more likely to possess a “buyer mindset”.

This number of UPGRADED members is generally posted on the front page of the site.  You may see how many free and upgraded members but be careful – many sites give free upgrades at startup to the first upgrade level (usually JV) but rarely give away TOP LEVEL upgrades.  

The number of ACTIVE MEMBERS is harder to derive.  I look at site activity.  When I first join an established site, I post a couple of each ad type, and then check back in a week.  I look for attentiveness of the Admin – were they approved quickly?  I look at the number of views – do certain ad types get more views than others?  Do Onsite ads get more views and clicks than Emailed ads?

Also look at ADMIN POLICIES.  On four of my sites, you are made INACTIVE if you don’t login at least every 30 days.  Inactive members are not eligible to receive monthly ads.  Every 6 months, I PURGE members who have been inactive for 6 months.  Ads from inactive members are also purged! I am an ACTIVE and  ATTENTIVE system admin, whereas, a large number of site owners are amateurs. THIS is why looking at total membership is not a good benchmark – my sites have fewer TOTAL members but a high percentage of ACTIVE members!


There is a little different strategy for a new site:  Media Saturation!

  • Post Ads
  • Lead with a Landing Page and capture those leads to do “Customer Cultivation”
  • Think Grand Opening or Launch!
  • Think Contests

What About Posting Ads? 

To be honest, posting ads NOW with the expectation that people are actually going to SEE, OPEN, and READ your ads…  It will be limited. 

That doesn’t mean that you should not post your ads.  

  • Use every media type available to you.  Why?  I mentioned REFERRALS.  
  • If you get set up now, and are successful at bringing on new referrals, you want them to see YOUR ads.  Captive Audience.
  • For Onsite ads (login ads, buttons, text ads, surf sites), they will get a top position in the rotators.  
  • Start NOW to fill in the extensive downline builder.  
    • On every site you join in the Downline Builder, at minimum promote your STARTUP SITE with every ad type possible. Go for Maximum exposure!
    • At minimum: Banner, Button, Text Links (Hot Links, Traffic Links), Login Ads
    • Offer INCENTIVES
  • For Email Ads (Credit Mailer, System Mailer, Solo ads, header and footer ads, traffic links, hot links), those ads will also rotate for these ad types.  
  • As the membership grows and members begin sending Solo ads, your ads will be in place and on autopilot.

So, don’t get upset if the first couple months your CTR’s are zilch.  Remember, this is a time for BUILDING YOUR LIST with REFERRALS.

The Opportunity NOW

The opportunity is to BRING ON NEW REFERRALS! 

  • Build YOUR list.  
  • CULTIVATE those referrals into CUSTOMERS. 
  • Shape them and guide them to be the kind of member YOU want on your team. 
  • Send Referral Mail to your downline as often as permitted.
  • Use the Downline Builder for getting referrals on THOSE programs – the potential for multi-stream income.
  • Use the Promo Codes to draw them in.
  • Use the free eCourses to get their interest.
  • Use the GOBS of TRAFFIC with its promo codes to get MORE traffic.
  • Don’t forget to carve out some promos for your startup site: use the banners, buttons, login ads, ad copy, and social media messages to promote that site.  Check often – new ad copy will be added regularly.

Things You Should Know

  • I have an Autoresponder message campaign that goes out to all NEW MEMBERS that tells them about features, functions, and tools.  Use this to highlight or comment to your referrals on how YOU use the different ad types
  • Each of the sites has a collection of FREE eCOURSES.  Do a REVIEW of an eCourse and send to your referrals
  • Use the eCourses and Blog posts to ENTICE your prospects to join
  • Use THIS blog post to help them understand the OPPORTUNITY that exists with a new site
  • Business, Referral, and List Building are your PRIORITIES

With only a few members how do I earn credits?

Where are all the messages coming from?

All of my sites are connected to SUPERNETWORKS.

Other members are doing the same

I want to thank you again, and for giving me the opportunity to provide a platform with so many features.   
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