Do You Know the Secret of Success in Network Marketing?

Q. Do you know the secret of success in network marketing?
A. Promote Promote Promote
Q. What should you promote?
A. Promote Freedom Mails
Q. Why Freedom Mails
A. Lots of reasons:
  • Bring value to YOUR advertising membership
  • Increase visibility of YOUR ads – More eyes on YOUR ADS yields More Prospects that can be turned into YOUR CUSTOMERS
  • Build Your List so you can promote YOUR offers to YOUR Referrals with the REFERRAL MAILER
  • Get referrals that earn credits and CASH
  • Build your DOWNLINE in other programs with the DOWNLINE BUILDER
Q. How do I promote Freedom Mails?
A. Join safelists, traffic exchanges, classified boards, banner exchanges.  For every safelist you join:
  • Check Out the One-Time-Offers – They are usually great bargains for upgrades, which then give you free ads every month.
  • First be sure to update your profile with your Paypal or Payza ID.
  • Be sure to update your profile with your picture (not a gravatar or icon) – used on Splash Page #2
  • Place a banner, button ad, text ad/traffic link/hot link, login ad
  • Send a credit mail or solo ad.
  • Add Freedom Mails to your FAVORITE SITES (usually in the Downline Builder section)
  • Add your AFFILIATE ID or AFFILIATE LINKS to that Downline Builder.
  • Update the Freedom Mails Downline Builder (under Member Tools)
Q. Where do I find Promo Materials?
A.  In Member Tools|Referral Tools:
  • Your Referral ID
  • Your Splash Pages (I like Splash Page #2)
  • Button Graphics 125×125
  • Banner Graphics 468×60
  • Login Ad Graphics 600×300
  • Ad copy for Safelists
  • Tweets
Q. Where do I promote Freedom Mails?
A. I could recommend sites I personally use to promote my OWN sites and programs
  • Other sites in our Adverting Community
    • GiantProfitAds, MadCowAds, FreedomMails,, CommissionsUnleashed, YourFastCash
    • Cross promote within our group of sites.  Why?  All the reasons above – gain more visibility for your ads to an ACTIVE community of Buyers.
  • Take advantage of Promotions (Click the Credit Link) that give you huge discountsbonuses, and incentives to get upgraded LIFETIME memberships and monster ad packs
  • Take advantage of the wide variety of SUPERNETWORK ADS to give you the extended reach for your ads.
    •  SuperNetwork Ads go to tens of thousands of VERIFIED MEMBERS for a small price.
    • All SuperNetwork ads on the sites in OUR ADVERTISING COMMUNITY are offered at the MINIMUM ALLOWABLE PRICE.
  • Other Instant Commission Sites
    • These are great advertising sites that drive tons of traffic to your ads
    • Fantastic OTO’s after joining with upgrades and huge ad packs, promo codes
    • Earning opportunity.  Take the OTO for GOLD membership and earn 50% of Sales.
    • So many different ONSITE and EMAIL options that substantially increase the effectiveness of your ads.
So, what are you waiting for?
I’m here to help.  I was a professional consultant for 20 years of my corporate life, and I’ve had my own consulting firm since 1996 that helped small businesses get started.  Now that I am retired – I DO THIS FOR FREE!
Send in a support ticket to set up an appointment TODAY.
Rich Moyer