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Own a City Pennysaver Site for $10 per Year

Pennysavers is set up to be a Viral Network. A Viral Network is a network that becomes popular through a viral process of Internet sharing, typically through video, the sharing of websites, social media and email.

We already have HUNDREDS of owners of City Pennysavers Promoting their City(s), and at the rate we are going we expect to have THOUSANDS more!

This means that when you purchase one of our City Pennysaver advertising packages and you choose worldwide, your ads are placed on every City Pennysavers WORLDWIDE, (except those who block worldwide ads).

Currently there are thousands of City Pennysaver sites and more being added. Soon Pennysavers will be all over the internet and social media sites and so will your ads.

Incredible Traffic Stats!!!

Own a City Pennysaver. $10 per year.

For as long as you own the City Pennysaver site you get 25 Free Lifetime City Ads that you can use or SELL.

* Unlimited Views and Clicks.
* Change as often as you wish.
* Sell them to local businesses.

The Platinum upgrade package is absolutely worth $9.99 for 6 months.

Where else can you get 25 unlimited ads for less than $30 per year?

Oh, you can own as many City Pennysavers as you may want.

Buy multiple City Pennysaver sites and cross promote to your OTHER City Pennysaver sites.

City Pennysavers now have 600×300 LIFETIME ADS and a Super Simple Sales System. 600×300 ads can select Local or Worldwide distribution.

YOU set the prices and collect 100% of the Commissions!

Promote your City Pennysaver sites on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. You can even have other people promote it FOR YOU.

Check it out. See the Video on Owning a City Pennysaver
>>>>> http://grabcashtoday.com/pennysaverlcp

Rich Moyer