Have You Logged In Today?

Have You Logged In Today? The Secret to Successful Safelist Advertising

That’s how it all gets started.   
Those people who are highly successful using Safelist Advertising:
  • Use every advertising medium available to them on EACH SAFELIST THEY USE
  • Do not try to SELL PRODUCTS on safelists – use Classified Ads instead
  • Offer a Bonus for people to open their ads
  • Vary their message
  • Do Not use deceptive or misleading subject lines or make outlandish promises
  • Use Landing Pages for their Target URL
  • Include daily Personal Development and take advantage of FREE training, FREE eBooks and eCourses
This is the daily routine I use and recommend:
  • Login
  • View the Login Ads (generally the Hottest programs)
  • View the Login Offers (these are usually GREAT bargains)
  • Verify that you have a PAYPAL account defined in your PROFILE.
    • If you don’t have one, sign up for a free business account at www.paypal.com
    • This is REQUIRED for membership to this safelist.
  • On the MEMBER HOME Page – view announcements
  • Once a week, update your Downline Builder with any new programs you have joined
  • Once a week, update My Surf Pages with ads for your primary business
  • Once a week, send a message to your downlines using Email My Referrals (this CAN include products)
  • Once a week, verify and update your cloaked links using Protect Your Links
Get Points, View Offers
  • Click on the Daily Super Bonus (above NAV bar between 2000-5000 points)
  • Click on the Daily Login Bonus (on Member Home Page) and Redeem your promo code
  • Browse Admin Emails (important messages and BIG POINT AWARDS)
  • Browse SOLO Ads (member to member and network partner ads)
  • On GiantProfitAds:
    • Surf some Surf ads in Surf Now (other MEMBER Surf sites)
    • Browse or surf CA Surfer Supers (CASS) network ads.
    • Browse Pinnacle Network Ads
  • On Mad-Cow-Ads:
    • Browse AFF I Supers (network ads)
  • On Global Connections Ads 
    • Surf some Surf ads in Surf Now (other MEMBER Surf sites)
    • Browse Text Ads
    • Browse  HTML Ads.
    • Browse Hot Headlines
    • Browse Hot Headers
    • Browse PTC Links
    • Browse Headline Ads
    • Browse Traffic Links
    • Browse Solo Ads
    • Browse HP Solo Ads
    • Browse CASH Solos
    • Browse HP Cash Solos
    • Browse Admin Emails
  • On Empire Text Ads  
    • Surf some Surf ads in Surf Now (other MEMBER Surf sites)
    • Browse Text Ads
    • Browse  HTML Ads.
    • Browse PTC Links
    • Browse Traffic Links
    • Browse Solo Ads
    • Browse U2 Solos
    • Browse Premiere Solos
    • Browse Premium Solos
    • Browse Admin Emails
Maintain Your Current Ads
  • Verify you have sufficient credits assigned for all of your banners, buttons, hotlinks, traffic links, etc.  If you do not, surf ads, trade points (JV and SJV only) or Purchase ads or credits
  • Delete obsolete ads
  • Add Banners (seen by members of THIS safelist)
  • Add Buttons (seen by members of THIS safelist)
  • Add Hotlinks (seen by members of THIS safelist)
  • Add Traffic Links (seen by members of THIS safelist)
  • Add Login Ads  (seen by members of THIS safelist) 
  • Send SOLO ads for your primary business (seen by members of THIS safelist)
  • Send Network Solo ads for your primary business (seen by members of OTHER PARTNER safelists)
  • Add HTML Ads  (if available – free – must be resubmitted every day)
  • Add Text Ads (if available – free – must be resubmitted every day)

See, that wasn’t that hard.

  • Rinse and repeat.
What you will find is that by paying attention to these things on a FEW SELECT SAFELISTS will yield much better results than bouncing from free safelist to free safelist.  
This is why it is important to select ACTIVE safelists, and those that offer these features.  Signing up for only free memberships at safelists, you are not getting the most for your advertising dollar, and spending up to 10 times the amount of time to get similar results.
Why should GiantProfitAds, Global Connections Ads, Empire Text Ads, and Mad-Cow-Ads be included in your shortlist of select safelists?  I feel I am offering:
  • the best mix of features, 
  • membership and product prices at competitive prices for the features and services offered, 
  • the most ways to earn points and cash, 
  • the highest rewards for referrals,
  • the best mix of Network Partnerships that offer the greatest reach and most diverse audience for your ads
  • the lowest allowable prices for Network Partner ads,
  • the most value on OTO’s and bundles,
  • you have an engaged, involved, and responsive administrator,
  • free eBooks and eCourses
  • an offer of the best safelist advertising training on the planet. Free
  • an offer of proven, diverse advertising venues that offer free or inexpensive advertising

Rich Moyer




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About This Site

Q. What is this signup form on the right?

A. Sign up for the Life Balance Network Home Business Tips list.  An email every day with “Ten Best Ideas…”.  This is a GREAT list.  I signed up for it myself (and I own it) as a reminder of new things to try.

Q. Where do I sign up for GiantProfitAds, Global Connections Ads, Empire Text Ads, and Mad-Cow-Ads?

A. The links are beneath my signature line above.

Free Offers

Q. Free eBooks and eCourses.  What’s that about?

A. Just as it says.  Go to the page referenced in the link.  There are dozens of FREE eCourses that send a message every couple days with a new installment of the eCourse.   There are also other lists that provide email information daily or every couple days.  Feel free to have your friends subscribe, but please do not copy the individual emails due to limitations in the licensing agreements I signed at the time of purchase.  I hold the license, so as long as you have your friends sign up for the list, we are compliant.  These are absolutely free for you if you sign up for the list.

Q. Tell me about “the best safelist advertising on the planet”

A. WorldProfit has a free associate program that has the BEST TRAINING that I have found.  Free.  I encourage folks to GO THROUGH THE BOOTCAMP FIRST before signing up for a paid membership.   I want to SHOW YOU what is available BEFORE you sign up for a paid subscription.  I’m not a big fan of the LIVE BUSINESS CENTER so please do not get scared away by their tactics: their JOB is to GET PAID SUBSCRIBERS using HIGH PRESSURE SALES TACTICS.  Nothing else in WorldProfit is like this, in fact, it is the exact opposite.

Other Offers

Q. Why do you offer non-safelist advertising sources in the “proven, diverse advertising venues” link?

A. These are PROVEN RESOURCES that I PERSONALLY USE MYSELF that I have great success with.   I believe in full disclosure: if there is something IN ADDITION to safelist advertising that I use, I want you to know about it.

Q. I have seen your ads for LSN where you offer to help get the first signup.  Why?

A. I have had a successful consulting firm since 1998, in parallel with my career and now that I am retired (for the 3rd time), it is MY TURN to PAY IT FORWARD.  My goal is to TEACH you how to do it, and TEACH YOU HOW TO TEACH OTHERS so that you can build YOUR team.  I don’t get the whopping sales commission, but since you would be in MY DOWNLINE, I would get a residual commission at YOUR LEVEL and the PEOPLE YOU BRING IN UNDER YOU.   I am retired.  I’ve had my career working 60-90 hours a week, being on-call 24×7, traveling 5-6 days a week (yes, it’s true).  If I can TEACH a dozen GOOD PEOPLE how to do this, then I get to enjoy my retirement without working 16 hours a day (but I still do that anyway because I am an insomniac).  BTW, LSN is only the PRODUCT – how we make money. I am TEACHING YOU THE PROCESS.  Oh, when YOU teach your downlines to do this, YOU TOO can get those residual commissions.

Membership Costs

Q. Why are the membership costs so high?

A. Actually, they are not: they are competitive for safelists that offer similar features and services.   You get what you pay for.

  • When you consider $20 per year for SJV, this is peanuts when you consider the advertising reach, and benefits.
  • The annual rate of $20 per year for JV.


Q. Why is Paypal required?

A. Several things:

  • By not specifying a payment method (Paypal), you cannot collect commissions.
  • And, you are sending a message that you do not intend to buy anything.  It is like having the kid at the counter in the ice cream store make you a double dip cone, with full knowledge that you cannot pay for it.
  • You are showing commitment.  The features and facilities COST MONEY OUT OF MY POCKET.  I want to provide these things FOR OUR MEMBERS THAT ARE SERIOUS ABOUT THIS AS A BUSINESS.  Otherwise, you are simply a “tire kicker” who is not serious about internet marketing as a business.  Want a hobby?  Try model airplanes or coin collecting.

Q. Do you take Direct Payments via Paypal (Send Money)?

A. No.  This is a business. You are purchasing products and services so those funds, according to Paypal’s TOS are subject to fees and taxes if applicable.

Q. Do you accept Payza?

A. No.  Payza has terminated their agreements with banks in the USA, and since I am a US Resident, Payza is not available for me to accept payments.  I’ve heard recently that Payza “is back” but I lost LOTS of money when they shut their doors the last time and am not willing to get burned again.

Q. Do you take other forms of payment?

A. I can take credit cards if you provide your information by telephone.  Discounted memberships are excluded since I pay a high transaction fee and currency conversion rate on every transaction taken this way.  Call me on 484-902-8819.  I am in Eastern timezone USA, and available during normal business hours 8am-5pm Monday – Friday.  I must manually apply your purchase so there could be a delay of 24-48 hours AFTER THE PAYMENT CLEARS.

Q. Do you take Bitcoin?

A. Again, this is an exception but I CAN accommodate BitCoin payments.  The same restrictions apply – discounted memberships are excluded.  You MUST contact me for my eWallet information, and I must manually apply your purchase so there could be a delay of 24-48 hours AFTER THE PAYMENT CLEARS.


Any other questions, send an email to:


Call 484-902-8819 M-F 8am-5pm Eastern (USA)


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