MAXIMIZING how much you get paid!

Important Message about Getting Paid Your Commissions!

Worldprofit Silver and Platinum Members listen up!

This message is IMPORTANT – it’s about YOU and MAXIMIZING how much you get paid!

Some of you are not aware of ALL the products and services that can earn you commissions!

Some of you don’t know you earn 20 – 100% commission depending on the product or service you sell!

Some of you don’t know you earn BONUSES for new sales volumes! These bonuses range from $25 to $1,000!
We have been paying out RECORD bonuses in recent months so some of you are well aware of this!

Some of you don’t know about Worldprofit partner programs like ClickBank and we’ve got more partnerships to be announced shortly. That’s MORE ways for you to profit online and benefit from the Worldprofit system to earn multiple streams of income.

NEW! We just added the NEW "MONEY MAKERS" program, login and look under the left menu for this, then use the Money Makers Promo Kit. It’s free!

We urge you to login to your Worldprofit Member area right NOW to review the Commission Chart and the Bonus Program. On the left menu in your Member area click on "Sales and Commission" then on "Commission and Bonus Program."

If you have questions let us know, simply send in a Support form linked on the left menu and we will get right back to you with the answers you need!

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Rich Moyer
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