Pricing Changes

Announcement March 20, 2014

Re: Membership Restructuring and Price Changes

The following announcement was posted on both Mad-Cow-Ads and GiantProfitAds Member Home pages, and distributed to all members via email:


EFFECTIVE March 20, 2014

 JV is $3.00 Per Month or $32.00 per Year

SJV is $7.00 Per Month or $75.00 per Year

Annual Payment Plans are Non-Refundable


Going Forward, there will be no new Lifetime Memberships.

Current Members are not affected. You will continue at your current rate. For instance, if you had gotten a free upgrade to Lifetime JV your account will continue to be free. If you have paid for a Lifetime SJV, your Lifetime Membership will continue with no extra charge.


This only applies to new memberships.


The current promotion for Buy One Get One Annual SJV will continue until April 30, 2014 at the advertised rate of $100.00


 All payments are via PayPal.  Let us know if Paypal is not accepted in your country.  I am exploring the use of BitCoin as an alternative method of payment. 


Here is the link to sign up for the Buy One Get One Promo:

Get this Upgrade NOW.

TWO Annual SJV memberships

for 30% off the cost of

ONE SJV membership before August 31, 2014 !

Thanks for being loyal members of Mad-Cow-Ads and GiantProfitAds.

The Reason for These Changes

We have made significant improvements to both GiantProfitAds and Mad-Cow-Ads since they were both acquired.  We have provided the membership with some incredible advertising choices that have expanded the reach of their advertising substantially, at the lowest and most competitive prices.  When possible we have provided these opportunities free to the membership, at all levels, or have offered the minimum prices allowed per the Partnership Terms of Service (TOS) with the provider.

Our operating costs have skyrocketed, and even though we have established affiliate relationships and pay-by-the-drink advertising choices, the membership has not participated at all.

Since GiantProfitAds was acquired in January, 2014, we have seen an 80% increase in memberships, many of which took advantage of the free upgrades to JV.  During that time period, not one additional paid JV or SuperJV Lifetime membership enrolled.

Since Mad-Cow-Ads was acquired in February, 2014, we have doubled the membership roles, with a continuous flow of new members every day.Here are the improvements we have implemented:


  • Increased paid advertising efforts for recruiting of new members.  Paid Super SOLO ads are being submitted on multiple Super Networks daily.    Expense: $200 per month. Cost to member: $0.
  • Increased Co-Op Shares to increase exposure.  Expense $100 per month.  Cost to member: $0
  • Established partnership and Implemented AFF SuperNetworks.  Free for members when they use my partner affiliate links to sign up.  Expense $15 per month.  Affiliate Commissions to date $0.
  • Established partnership and implemented AFF Solo I Networks.  Pay by-the-drink or bulk-purchase ads.  Expense: $15 per month.  Revenue to date $0
  • Established partnership and implemented Pinnacle Super Network.  Pay by-the-drink or bulk-purchase ads.  Expense $40.  Revenue to date $0.
  • Greatly expanded ad exposure by increasing membership.  Estimated $200 per month advertising cost.   New membership revenue $0.
  • Substantially increased the value at all membership levels with increased ad allocations, ways to gain additional points that can be traded for ads, and increased promotional opportunities.  Cost to members: $0
  • Increased Daily Super Bonus points allocations.  Cost to members: $0
  • Increased Link Cloaking allocation at all levels.  This is a FREE service that also exposes your links for referrals.
  • Substantially increased rewards for recruiting and referrals. Lost revenue to ads traded for points: $100 per month
  • Competitive surf timers, but also have substantially higher surf values.  Surf statistics: flatlined.  Members are not surfing or reading emails to earn points.
  • Developed custom training videos and tutorials to show members how to get the most out of their safelist membership.  According to click-rates,there is little or no participation or use of these training resources.
  • Implemented a meaningful autoresponder messaging system that provides ways to improve your business, while exposing membership to free or low-cost, high value products, ebooks, and services.  Cost to member: $0.   Revenue from offers: $0
  • Offered membership unlimited FREE eCourses.  Only one member has taken advantage of these free educational resources.
  • Implemented Facebook groups for each Mad-Cow-Ads and GiantProfitAds.  Not one member has joined or participated to date.  They have been removed
  • Wrote the code to automatically generate the promo codes and the process for updating them, and  THIS SOFTWARE IS NOW BEING USED by many other safelist administrators to reduce their previously manual administrative burden.  Revenue realized $0.

As you can see, there was substantial justification for my accountant and I to have a “heart to heart” talk the other day about stopping the hemorrhaging and restructure to at least be able to offset some of these expenses with revenue-producing activities.

Rescue 911 – The Sequel

Mad-Cow-Ads has “died on the vine” at least three times.   The first time, it was simply abandoned, and ignored.   I rescued it, and tried to bring it to life, with only very minor success.   Because it was showing signs of life, I sold it, but the new owner had the same issues I had found.  I rescued Mad-Cow-Ads AGAIN, this time making substantial improvements, linking it to another safelist that was seeing healthy growth and improvement, and implementing the same programs to make not only one, but both attractive to potential members.  This is where we are today.

Can You Help Move In The Right Direction?

As in any business, it is expected to have some start-up costs and investment, but if the P&L statement does not reflect an upward trend within a reasonable amount of time, and is at least seeing movement in the right direction, your problems are bigger than your accountant yelling at you: the IRS steps in and shuts you down.

Quality Is Worth Paying For

While every one of us is trying to get as much as we can for FREE, the reality is, that NOTHING is FREE.  There is always a cost.  I believe we are providing VALUE way in excess of the COST, and feel it is now time to get some revenue flowing: a fair price for the value provided.


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