Membership Comparison

Question from Free Member:

Hi Mr. Richard  i am a free member , any disadvantages compared to others?[br]


Let’s look  at the Chart[br]

Instant Commissions:
we get one; then, you
get the next one, etc.
Please look at table at right to be sure of which upgrade you want.
Site gets 4 sales -You get 1
Site gets 2 sales -You get 1
Site gets 1 sale -You get 1
Site gets 1 sale -You get 3
Site gets 0 sales -You get Every Sale
Lifetime Price Free $24.95 $61.00 $197.00 $397.00
Random Referrals No No No No No
Add A Gift 0 1 2 3 5
Email Random Members Every: 3 Days 2 Days 2 Days 1 Day 1 Day
Email Members Without Credits 350 750 1500 3000 5000
Email Extra Members
With Credits
350 750 1500 3000 5000
Number of Solo Ads
You Can Save
1 2 3 5 10
For Signing Up To CU 100 500 1000 1500 200,000
For Clicking Text Ads: 5 10 20 30 50
For Clicking Banners 5 10 20 30 50
For Reading Credit Emails 15 25 40 50 75
For Reading Solo Emails 40 80 120 160 200
For Signing Up Referrals 100 150 200 250 350



How You Get Paid[br]
  • You get INSTANT COMMISSIONS directly to your PAYPAL![br]
Sales Are Eligible for Members to Earn Commisions[br]
  • Commission is paid for eligible direct referral upgrades and ad purchases (onsite ads).[br]
Sales Excluded from Commission Eligibility[br]
  • OTO’s and SuperNetwork ads are not eligible for member commissions.[br]
How Commission Eligibility Works[br]
  • Even free members get a 20% of the NUMBER of commissions![br]
The way this works for Free Members:[br]
  • The Admin gets the first 4 sales passed up – whatever the value![br]
The Free member gets 1 sale. (20%)[br]
Likewise for all other levels:[br]
  • Admin gets 2 sales, Silver gets 1 sale (33%)
  • Admin gets 1 sale, Gold gets 1 sale (50%)
  • Admin gets 1 sale, Platinum Gets 3 sales (75%)
  • Admin gets 0 sales, Founder gets ALL (100%)
Since it is the NUMBER and ORDER of sales, if it is your turn in the rotation, you receive the complete value of the sale.[br]
Assume you get your first sale – a referral, free member, upgrades to all the way to FOUNDING MEMBER.  (The following prices are for illustration and may not match the current pricing for this site).[br]
  • Since the referral did not take advantage of the OTO, the first upgrade to be offered would be SILVER $24.95.  Admin gets that.
  • The next upgrade offered would be GOLD $61.  Admin gets that
  • The next upgrade offered would be PLATINUM $197.  Admin gets that.
  • The next upgrade offered would be FOUNDER $397.  Admin gets that.
  •  Another member upgrades to SILVER $24.95.  YOU GET THAT!

If you would have had a sale before this (a one time upgrade or ad purchase) then YOU would have been eligible to receive that $24.95 payment![br]

So as a free member you have a 20% CHANCE of receiving a commission, not 20% of the commission value.[br]

The higher your membership level, the better your chances of receiving a commission.[br]

The thing is, you are not notified of MISSED COMMISSIONS so you really cannot  build a viable business plan[br]

Your best value is FOUNDER who receives ALL commissions (even the admin share).  There are only ever FIFTY FOUNDERS level slots!  Since these are LIFETIME MEMBERSHIPS, unless someone cancels an account, after the 50th Founders member, this door is closed forever.[br]

Next best is Platinum where Admin gets 1 sale, and the next 3 go to the  Platinum member[br]

The lowest recommended level is GOLD, where you get EVERY OTHER SALE.[br]

Then Silver is a step up from the free member: Admin gets 2, you get 1[br]

If you DO get a commission, I recommend you REINVEST back into YOUR business by purchasing an upgrade.[br]

Initial Ad Packages.[br]

Naturally, you will find the best deals by purchasing membership packages through an OTO.  Free members obviously have missed that opportunity.  It is hard to tell if an OTO is a great value.  If you know that a site offers a SECOND CHANCE OTO (like my sites, Giant Profit Ads and Mad Cow Ads), then you have a chance to look around and kick the tires before upgrading.  Otherwise, go on the REPUTATION of the system owner or your sponsor.   Here is a list of MY most trusted sites.[br]

I own Giant Profit Ads, Mad Cow Ads,, Commissions Unleashed, and Your Lucky Fast Cash.  The others on this list are either owned by my business partners or other Team Elite Inner Circle members.[br]

The next best opportunity for great ad packages would be Login Offers.  These change frequently so pay attention to login ads.[br]

Initial ad packages increase substantially at each higher level.[br]

Monthly Ad Packages[br]

Free members receive no monthly text ads, banners or solo ads.  All free credits must come from the Daily Bonus, and viewing onsite ads, email ads, and surfing.[br]

All paid members get a monthly allowance of ads and points.  The quantity and value are increasingly higher for each level.[br]

Trade Points for Ads[br]

All levels can trade points for onsite ads like banners, buttons, text links, headline ads, header ads, AdsPlus ads[br]

Trade Commissions for Points[br]

Since all members are required to have a Paypal account, commissions are not held.  They are paid immediately to that member’s Paypal account.  [br]

If a member does not have a Paypal account, all commissions are forwarded to the Admin and are forfeited.[br]

Members cannot trade commissions for points that can be exchanged for ads[br]

Earning Points[br]

Each higher membership level earns increasingly higher credits for viewing onsite, email, and surfing ads.   The more credits you EARN, the more ads that can be traded for credits.[br]

Points can be earned by clicking the Daily Bonus button and viewing one ad. This is a random value[br]

You earn points every time your direct referrals log in.[br]

Each member receives a PERCENTAGE of points earned by direct referrals.[br]

Purchased Ads[br]

Solo Ads (to the member’s CONTACT Email ID) cannot be obtained by trading credits.  [br]

This is important:  Solo ads and any other on-site ad purchases are ELIGIBLE FOR COMMISSIONS!  Any time your direct referrals make an ad purchase (excluding SuperSolos), you earn commissions per your eligibility rotation.[br]

Best Ad Values[br]

Credit Mail (or System Mail) allows you to send Email ads to RANDOM members.  The mailing interval is shorter for each higher level membership, the number of members you can mail, and the number of EXTRA members you can mail by adding points also varies by level.  Cheapest but not nearly as effective as other choices below.[br]

Because you are looking for the best “bang for your buck”, here is my preference (supported by my own tracking data) and follows my eBook, “A Traffic Strategy”:[br]

Traffic Co-ops ($$$$) – your ad is put in a rotation for a commercial traffic buy.[br]

Paid Solo Ads ($$$) TopSurfer, Guaranteed Mails, Udimi[br]

SuperNetwork Solos ($$) – send to tens of thousands of Safelist members[br]

Safelist Solos ($) – member solo ads – to Contact Email ID of all members



Benefits Upgraded compared to free member:[br]

  • Greater opportunity for commissions (25%-150%) rather than 20%
  • Monthly ads/credits
  • Earn more credits for viewing ads/surfing
  • Shorter surf timer
  • Earn points when referrals join, when they login, when THEY earn credits
  • Cheaper on-site and SuperNetwork ad prices

Benefits of Commissions Unleashed and Your Lucky Fast Cash over Other Sites[br]

  • Instant Commissions direct to YOUR Paypal – get paid instantly
  • MY trusted SuperNetworks (when I am the OWNER I get to CHOOSE my partners – THESE I USE MYSELF)
  • Killer competitive Post-Launch deals
  • I run a tight ship – attentive and responsive system administration (some other sites wait days to approve ads)
  • Incredible premium on-site and email ad options
  • ACTIVE membership – important – onsite ad viewers
  • Business-in-a-Box – done-for-you Team Elite Responder, drip campaign and capture pages for $25 Lifetime
  • Members get daily email about features and functions
  • CU and YLFC Manuals
  • Blog, videos, training, tips and techniques
  • One part of a larger Advertising Community that provides even greater opportunities and diversity in capabilities and audience