Get BUYER LEADS by Promoting ONE URL

What if you could generate real time BUYER leads?

What if those leads, in real time, would send money direct to your PayPal just to see your primary business?

MLM Downline can be a gold mine of BUYER leads for you. 

Think about this for moment…

Each time you refer someone to this system, and they complete step 2 YOU are paid instantly. 
Is this cool? You will have the full data of each lead that buys from you in your PayPal back office. More than just first name and email — full mailing address and phone number
What a concept — making contact with PROVEN BUYERS with a medium other than eMail!
  • Send a follow-up letter (snail mail) to their home address with some tangible information about your primary business. 
  • Send a postcard…
  • Call that lead on the phone (it is not so scary since they have PROVEN they are BUYERS, not just leads!)
Now are starting to see how powerful this can be for you? 
Remember – these are now NOT ONLY LEADS.
They are CUSTOMERS who have already SENT YOU MONEY to look at your primary business!
And this is only STEP 2 of MLM Downline
Look at what is NEXT in STEP 3 !
The real secret is that those BUYERS are given the opportunity to sign up for some key programs DESIGNED TO GENERATE RESIDUAL INCOME…
So, let’s break this down:
  • A Lead with a propensity to be a BUYER signs up for MLM Downline
    • They sign up for 7 Dollar Charm and get great eBooks and Courses
    • They PAY YOU $7.77 DIRECTLY via Paypal EVERY MONTH 
    • They sign up for each of the programs in Step 2:
      • Global NPN – Business Tools Every Online Marketer Needs  ($14.95 per month)
      • LeadSkimmer (FREE or get premium version as an upgraded member of Global NPN)
      • List Joe – traffic and downline builder (FREE. Upgrade available)
      • TopSurfer – consistently Traffic Hoopla #1 – 100% Commission ($10 per month)
      • Your Primary Business
  • They promote MLM Downline – One URL to promote all of these programs
    • THEY get $7.77 per month from each signup
    • They get residual income from EACH of the programs their downline joins
    • YOU get residual income from some of these programs because YOUR DOWNLINE sold it!
So, you promote this, and on your FIRST SIGNUP you are at BREAK EVEN.  EVERY SIGNUP AFTER THAT IS PROFIT FOR YOU!!!
AND just by being a member of MLM Downline, you are put in the TEAM ROTATOR so you receive FREE TRAFFIC.
You still need to promote this ONE LINK. The TEAM ROTATOR is just a BONUS.
See how this works?   This is NO CASH EXCHANGE SYSTEM!  This is an ACTIVE DOWNLINE BUILDER.  It can’t get any easier than this.

Get BUYER LEADS by Promoting ONE URL
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