Multiple and Duplicate IDs

My security software scan has identified these two ID’s as belonging to the same person, with two different email ID’s and two different IP addresses but the first and last name, and passwords are identical

Having more than one account is a violation of the TOS, and unless a reasonable explanation can be submitted on a support ticket within 24 hours, both accounts will be terminated and any membership requests from both IP addresses will be banned from rejoining again as a free member.

We take this very seriously, especially since you are getting the benefit of free membership, free ads, free use of our facilities and discounted prices for Solo Network Ads.  Since I am footing the bill for maintaining these systems, partnerships in Solo Ad Networks, and granting free ads, this is essentially theft of services.  Your abuse of the free memberships means that your membership as a free member will be banned.

You are welcome to cancel one ID within 24 hours and upgrade the remaining ID to a probationary paid JV membership, which costs $3 USD per month.   The probation period is for 3 months.  If no other violations are observed on any of the affiliated sites within that probationary period, you will be permitted to remain a paid member.

Your response is required within 24 hours.

Rich Moyer