My Sources of Adcopy for Autoesponder Message Streams

Q. Where do you get ideas for Autoresponder Messages?

A. Many Sources.I have SO many campaigns in Aweber, GetResponse, TEHB, GVO and WorldProfit. Aweber and Getresponse are "program-topic" message streams, ie targeted for specific programs I have joined. For instance, many JVZoo programs are tied directly to the JVZoo version of Getresponse through an API and they provide Done-For-You campaigns.

Honestly, I am sending most leads to the TEHB SuperNet series. I copied the series from the bottom section of TEHB Autoresponse Messages to the top so I could add to it. The Supernet series is spaced way too far apart for me so I am adding my own messages in between the stock published stream (It’s designed so you can do that). I send many "informational" messages in addition to promos.

Sources of "informational" messages:

  • WorldProfit newletters
  • WorldProfit article archives
  • WorldProfit Free ebooks
  • WorldProfit Universal Bonus Builder
  • CBPI (Clickbank messages) – join free
  • My "Home Business Tips" newsletters – sign up – 400 days of tips. Just remove "you can copy" message (Only I can grant sharing privileges)
  • 4200 Email Swipes (inexpensive)
  • PLR and WorldProfit Product Vault, Offer Builder
  • My ebooks

Sources of promos

  • WorldProfit traffic, Silver, Reseller’s Club, Mega PLR Store, CB Promo Kit, CBProAds
  • WorldProfit Email Generator
  • My own safelists
  • My favorite traffic sources (Dave Mosher Sites, YourViral sites), Supernet ad sources
  • Commission-earning safelists (ie upgraded sites get the most commission)
  • TEHB Supernet, 39 streams of income programs
  • My other affiliate programs

I like TEHB ( TeamEliteHomeBusinesses)because I can move people to the main Supernet stream, no matter what campaign they signed up under. I look at my lead groups, and give them 10 days or so if their score is > 0. I then transfer everybody in the "other groups" at the end of that group stream or score=0 to the Supernet group (hint don’t send instant message when you transfer)

Rich Moyer