My Story: Why WorldProfit?

I am now retired but my consulting firm has been helping small businesses get started, grow, and succeed since 1997. My success with OFFLINE businesses did not carry forward to my own results when I transitioned to ONLINE businesses (translation: total failure as a network marketer).

I was manipulated, lied to, scammed (for over $25k), broke, and totally frustrated. I bounced from program to program, not making a dime, but I was also gun-shy and wary of being burnt again so I never got positioned to effectively build a list, and avoided making ANY investment into my own business so I could start earning any appreciable income.

I took a chance trusting someone who brought me in to WorldProfit. I learned how to build a list (or more accurately, lists) by promoting only landing (lead capture) pages. I learned about autoresponders and the importance of FOLLOWUP. No matter what you promote, it’s important to build your list and the best way to do that is using an autoresponder. People rarely make buying decisions on first exposure. In fact, it takes 7-11 exposures to move someone from LEAD (curious) to PROSPECT (interest) to CUSTOMER (buyer). So by getting them on a list, you can then follow up to educate and inform so they can make a purchase decision. An autoresponder can send emails that can automatically do that followup, and allow you to broadcast to your list.

The secret then is to promote only landing pages that capture your leads. The training at WorldProfit got me on the right track. Here is an excerpt from today’s WorldProfit dealer newsletter:

Top Sellers understand when promoting you never promote a sales page or a buy now order page.

They know that you only promote landing pages, or squeeze pages that offer something for free.

Why? So you can generate LEADS and build your email marketing list.

We include the landing pages for the free offers in your member area.

Some of you have been promoting the ONE YEAR Membership offer to Safelists. This is a mistake!

What you should be promoting to the Safelists are the landing pages that offer free traffic!

You are FAR MORE LIKELY to generate sales by enticing someone to inquire about our free traffic offers then you are to ask them to buy something right off the bat. Think about it. You, yourself, aren’t you more likely to respond to an ad when you are offered something for free, then when someone says BUY NOW? Making sales has a lot to do with building trust and growing relationships with people, it starts with an Associate and can convert to a sale/upgrade if you follow Worldprofit’s training. Once people sign up for our free Associate Membership they can learn all about Worldprofit and the various products and services we offer, then we can start to nurture what we hope is a long term business relationship.

I was still involved in way too many affiliate programs so I focused on only a few, and found my niche owning and running safelists. I started out renting safelists to get an instant list that I could grow, but more importantly, a place I could promote, and get free Supernetwork Solos as an owner.

I DID start to invest in TRAFFIC, specifically solo ads, SuperSolos, and EFFECTIVE traffic sources. It is a NUMBERS GAME, so the more exposures, the more likely you will see results.

Autoresponder Suggestions

TeamEliteHomeBusinesses has a great unlimited autoresponder for 1/4th the cost of Aweber (~$5/month), and has many Done-For-You landing pages and campaigns that allow you to get a running start.

Another suggestion might be a "Team Build" that helps you build your downline with paid members. I have experience with team builds – some good, some bad. I have been working with Kevin Waldron for several years, and trust HIS team, build called Team Easy Profits Academy. $5 one-time to join. AIOP is the "product" – an autoresponder that costs $11.45 per month but pays $10 for each paid downline (pass up every other one). All the campaigns, and landing pages are Done-For-You. With the Team Build you promote the TEAM links, and when people move into the "hot seat" paid members are moved under them. It takes 3-6 months to get into profit but it then becomes easy to grow that revenue stream.

What to Promote

Promoting WorldProfit as a free associate is somewhat limiting: only several products (although good ones) and you earn only 5%. Good start but my recommendation is to upgrade to Silver.

I m a believer in multiple streams of income. You have that with WorldProfit. But it is OK to promote other affiliate programs too.

WorldProfit is my primary revenue source. My safelists second, but I still suggest promoting a mix of affiliate programs too. Start with free-to-join or low-cost affiliate programs that allow you to grow.


Build a "portfolio" of offerings that can start to generate revenue. In addition to WorldProfit, promote several "streams of income" that allow you to join free then as you start to earn, upgrade to earn higher commissions.

  • WorldProfit (you don’t NEED an autoresponder but there are advantages to having one independent of WorldProfit)
  • Team Easy Profits Academy/AIOP – includes hosting for landing pages
  • Safelists ( Critical Mass Ads, Leads2Cash, ViralCashMultiplier, SoloAdsWork)
  • Mailers ("Your Viral" platform sites) – earn 50% commissions as a free member, earn your upgrades by passing up 5 – then you get 1000 points per day for mailing – I get 80-150 clicks per ad sent to the full membership
  • Join a new safelist every day to get more promo codes and free ads to promote the above "key" streams.

The Light Bulb ShinesAt Last

One other thing that I had forgotten when I bridged from OFFLINE to ONLINE marketing: It didn’t change, I just didn’t know how to do it: MARKETING IS ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS. I was VERY good at it offline but until I started to get PERSONAL CONTACT with my "ONLINE" leads, I was not making conversions. If I can TALK with someone, or communicate one-on-one (personal emails like this, screen sharing, webinars) with someone who is SERIOUS, I can close a sale. But my goal is NOT to close sales, but to build a RELATIONSHIP. I am a great teacher. The sales will come.

Just some back-of-the-napkin notes to let you know this IS DOABLE to get started on a small budget, then keep focus to grow and expand. Ultimately, I would like to see you get into WorldProfit as a Silver member so you get the training, tools and resources to make this profitable.


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