MYSQL Access without Logging In to CPANEL

Most admins are not comfortable with SQL, the language used to do “queries”  to get information and update information in the MYSQL database that drives most safelists and blogs on the internet.

SQL is not new and has been an established query language for many years, but there are many “flavors” – MYSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, etc.  SQL is not particularly “user friendly”, is very particular about syntax, and has many options when entering commands.  And, accessing the database requires a “user interface” that basically gives you access to a “command line” where you enter the query commands.

The secret is to have a user interface that allows easy access to the database and tables, and allows “ad hoc” editing of the data, in addition to providing that necessary command line.

All CPANEL accounts generally provide phpMyAdmin, a free user interface to the MYSQL databases. A very respectable tool that I use extensively.  But, it requires signing on to CPANEL whenever you need to use it.

I found a free program called MyWebSQL, that once installed, allows almost the same level of access to an established MYSQL database as phpMyAdmin, but does not require sign-in to CPANEL to use it.  There are other features I like that are not found in phpMyAdmin – “sticky” SQL commands that are retained across sessions, multiple query windows, and simple export of query results.


Installation is simple.  The software is free.  Simply download the required version from

It does requires one-time access to CPANEL to install it, and the database userid and password to access the database.

Once you download the MyWebSQL zip file, login to CPANEL, open File Manager and navigate to /public_html.

  • Upload the Zip file by clicking UPLOAD
  • Refresh the File Manager display
  • Find the zip file you just uploaded
  • Right Click, then Extract
  • Done.  You can now access MyWebSQL from your browser:

You will need the database userid and password.  This can be found for most safelists in /public_html/connect.php.  For other systems, I recommend creating a new database userid and password that has limited privileges (Contact me for help in setting this up).

  • in CPANEL File Manager, navigate to /public_html
  • Find the file connect.php
  • Right click and select VIEW
  • Copy down the database userid and password, and store it in a SECURE place

Just launch MyWebSQL from your browser (and bookmark it), enter the database userid and password, and you are good to go!



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