New Ad Choices

January 28, 2016
The programmer gremlins have been working so hard… [br] [br]
Every one of these advertising options is designed to give your ads the maximum exposure, and give you the opportunity to earn credits that can be “traded” for ads. [br] [br]
SuperSolo Ads – send to literally tens of thousands with one email. [br]
  • Top Apex Network Super Solos  – 44 sites with 47,718 members
  • Global Viral Solo Ads – 25 sites with 32,861 members
  • Extreme Quality Super Solos – 92 sites with 65,874 members
  • Available at the lowest allowable prices
  • Cheaper when you buy in bulk – great deals when you buy 5.
New Lifetime Ads [br]
  • Lifetime Banners 468×60
  • Lifetime Text Ads
New Email Ad Choices [br]
  • Member Solos – Solos from members of this site
  • System Mailer – email every N days according to your membership level
  • Line Mailer – email to everyone who has joined AFTER you!
No Email Option [br]
  • View Solo Inbox – where you view Solo ads in lieu of receiving email ads
  • View Referral Inbox – where you view ads submitted by your Referrals
New OnSite Ads [br]
  • Headline Ads – shows at the top of your member area
  • AdsPlus Ads – shows right below Headline Ads – has 468×60 banner + 300 characters of text
  • Spotlight Ads – Displays during login after offer pages before proceeding to member area
  • Fullpage Ads – “start pages” – set up the day it displays after purchase
  • Billboard Ads – Display 125×125 banner + text shown at View Billboards
  • Block Ads – Display 3 columns across at View Blocks
[br] [br]
Several other changes and improvements are planned
– all to make YOUR advertising EXPERIENCE FANTASTIC!
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Did you know: [br]
  • You Get an autoresponder newsletter every day from the time you joined that tells about site features and functions? 
  • The Commissions Unleashed Manual? The Your Lucky Fast Cash Manual?
  • The Newsletter? Additional site information
  • The Blog? Tips and techniques, training, videos
  • Training Videos?  At the bottom of your member page 
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Rich Moyer [br]
Owner and Admin [br]