New Ad Purchase Page with Credit or Debit Card – Paypal Alternative

New Credit Card Ad Purchase Page

November 6, 2016

In anticipation of the inevitable Paypal account restrictions, Commissions Unleashed and Your Lucky Fast Cash are prepared.  One Stop Solos will be converted shortly

I will continue to use Paypal until officially notified that we can no longer use their services for purchases or payments.

However, there are alternatives in place right now:

1) Payza, used for both purchases and commission payments, and…

2) A brand new page that allows purchases with all major credit and debit cards.  Access this page using the “Order Ads” button, right below “Start Here” on the NAV menu.

I am also working on a Bitcoin solution.

Despite the turmoil being thrust upon the Home Business industry, I intend to take preemptive measures to ensure business continuity.


Be sure to update your profile with your Payza (formerly called Alert Pay) account information.  Payza accounts are free, and even though the verifications seem tedious and unnecessary, once you are verified transferring funds is painless.

We will persevere.  This has been the culmination of about 50 hours of programming to integrate merchant account payment buttons to allow me to accept credits.

Screen Shots
The New Order Ads Page
On the NAV menu, click the Order Ads button next to the ad type and quantity you wish to purchase

Credit Card Payment Page

Confirmation Page

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