New Silver Member Instructions

New Silver Member Instructions

First, log off as a free associate and log back in with your 5-digit Silver member number

There was a message sent on next steps to your email – you may want to check spam folder and whitelist WorldProfit addresses

Probably the most important thing to do is to select your domain name so George can set up your website (not important now) but more importantly your tracking and landing pages that are tied to your website address.

You should spend the most time in the next 2-3 weeks on Lesson 3 (1 and 2 are just to be sure you are real and paying attention: 3 is the meat of the training). You know you are doing it right when you see your ad tracker recording 200+ clicks per day, and you are bringing in new associates.

In Lesson 3, it tells you how to redeem your bonuses.

Pretty much, your "job" is to build your list of associates so they start to receive the newsletter automatically every day. You do that by joining safelists (I recommend joining 1 new safelist per day), promoting the ad copy in Ad Examples using credit emails and solo ads (if you have them).

As you join the safelists in 20+ Streams, be sure to come back to plug in your affiliate ID for that site. This sets you up for getting referrals on these sites from your associates and dealers. You have plenty of places to join and promote, but don’t limit yourself to these. I have tons of places for you to promote – I own/admin safelists, I have my favorite effective sites, and many sites that give free signup ad packs and promo codes. These sites are also great to promote for referrals, and commissions but do it with a WorldProfit landing page to capture the leads as associates. (I can help with this)


>>>>> – you get a free SJV upgrade here

>>>>> – you get a free Lifetime upgrade with Mega PLR Store here

>>>>> – you get a free Gold upgrade here

Get a free 5-pack from each site


You will be accumulating lots of information so here is the way I organize all my promotion materials for sites I promote (minimally affiliate IDs)


Don’t get overwhelmed! Like drinking from a firehose right now, but it WILL make sense. Training Lesson 3 is the key.

You always have me as a resource, and don’t be shy about submitting support tickets (although George may point you back to the training)


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