New WorldProfit Silver Members Get Free Lifetime Top Level Membership

New WorldProfit Silver Members Get Free Lifetime Top Level Membership

Everybody needs QUALITY TRAFFIC.

If you were to join WorldProfit as a Silver Member, your account would be LOADED with traffic sources, but here is just ONE MORE.

I want to add an incentive to JOIN and UPGRADE to WorldProfit as a Silver member with the addition of a Lifetime Top-Level Upgrade to WebcastSource, which is also connected to the massive WorldProfit SuperNetwork.

Email ANOTHER 5000 Members EVERY 3 DAYS!

You DO NOT need to be a member of WorldProfit in my downline to get free access to this established, active network…


If you were to upgrade to a WorldProfit Silver Member in my downline, you would be eligible for a free Lifetime Top Level membership to my Safelist/Exchange WebcastSource. net

Not only would you get the advertising power of all the traffic sources in your Silver Membership but you would get even more advertising power, leverage, and so much more at WebcastSource

WebcastSource is a unique site – a carbon copy of Quantum Safelist, the "mothership" of the massive WorldProfit Network. WebcastSource is not only a safelist, but also a traffic exchange.

Reasons to join and promote WebcastSource:

  • Increased visibility to YOUR ads
  • Double Digit CTRs (Click Through Rates) on Banners and Text Ads
  • Your ads are seen by over 23,000 members of the massive WorldProfit Network
  • You earn both Visitor Credits and Safelist Credits for referrals.
    • 100 guaranteed visitors for referrals
    • 1000 safelist credits to refer anyone that joins under you.
  • Free Members can send to 500 random members every 3 days.
    • Includes members from the other 71 safelists using this same system!
    • Free members do not get monthly ads
  • Pro Members (monthly) can send to 2500 random members every 3 days
    • Pro Members Get 50,000 Mailing Credits & 1,000 Visitor Credits Per Month
    • PLUS: Special Upgrade Bonus: 20000 Mailing Credits & 1000 Visitor Credits
  • Lifetime members can send to 5000 random members every 3 days
    • Lifetime Members Get 200,000 Mailing Credits & 2,500 Visitor Credits Per Month
    • PLUS: Special Upgrade Bonus: 50000 Mailing Credits & 5000 Visitor Credits
    • Email Up to 5000 Random Members every 3 days
    • PLUS you would get the Mega PLR Store for FREE. Silver members pay $99.95 per year to have this installed on their WorldProfit Silver Member Website.
  • Solo Ads to over 9000 Members are only $3.00 Each.
    • Bulk pricing is available: 10 Solos for $8.95
    • The SAME SOLOS at Quantum Safest cost $5.00 each

The Mega PLR Store Use, Give Away, or Sell

If you are a LIFETIME MEMBER, your Referrals see YOUR Mega PLR Store link. WebcastSource Lifetime Members get the Mega PLR Store included with their membership. If your referrals make purchases from YOUR Mega PLR Store, you receive 100% Commission for those sales.
Join then Upgrade to Premium Member at Your Viral List, Your Viral Traffic, Your Viral Mailer, or 10X Mailer then sign up for WebcastSource

Rich Moyer

PS Free Associate Members, or non-WorldProfit Members are not eligible for the free WebcastSource upgrade but you can join as a Free member and purchase the Lifetime Top-Level Upgrade for only $29.95