Newbie Resources

{Discussion followup}
So nice talking with you, and I am glad you reached out to me [br] [br]
1. MLM Recruit on Demand  [br] [br]
  • Best telephone marketing training I’ve found – solid, tested scripts [br]
  • Get 100 leads, and lifetime blocks of 100 leads as long as you show in Response Magic they have been contacted. [br] [br]
2. WorldProfit – big MAYBE… [br] [br]
If you have some experience, you may or may not get the benefit of the WorldProfit Bootcamp training.  What I usually recommend is that newbies sign up for one month at WorldProfit, take the first 3 lessons of Bootcamp (learn the fundamentals) until you get up to 200 clicks a day and start to bring in free associates.  [br] [br]
Download everything (including the ebook of all the training), ebooks, goody bag item, Clickbank promo kit.  At the end of 30 days, you can cancel with no penalty.  You get to keep the 12 high traffic safelists with upgraded memberships for life. [br] [br]
OR… [br] [br]
If you are like me, I’m in it for the Tools and Traffic.  In which case, if you can swing it, sign up for the “Show Home” package for $497 – 1 year Silver, all the website goodies included.  You can save 60% over monthly Silver membership [br] [br]
OR… [br] [br]
An alternative:   Join SEO Optimizer and keep the 12 upgraded memberships. Worth it for 12 upgraded memberships [br] [br]
  • Promote your upgraded sites.  [br] [br]

The jury is still out on the brand new Diamond URL Rotator.   I’m a fan of co-ops – startups are a little slow but they usually pick up [br] [br]

3. If you are already a WorldProfit Associate – see my eBook “WorldProfit Associates CAN Make Money” [br] [br]

4. Business expenses are TAX DEDUCTIBLE!  Track them in a spreadsheet (like Google Sheets – it’s free) [br] [br]
5. A Traffic Strategy – my ebook [br] [br]
6. Get you started with Instant Commission Sites: [br] [br]
  • Take the OTO for a Gold membership at YourLuckyFastCash (50% commission – $17 with the OTO). Has 2 SuperNetworks: 
    * Top Apex SuperNetwork Solos.  Member Count  50,913 On 44 Total Sites. 
    * Extreme Quality SuperNetwork Ads.   Member Count  54,656 On 91 Total Sites. [br] [br]

  • Take the OTO for a Gold membership at CommissionsUnleashed (50% commission – $17 with the OTO). Has 2 SuperNetworks:
    * Top Apex SuperNetwork Solos.  Member Count  50,913 On 44 Total Sites. 
    * Global Viral Solos.  Member Count 33,350 On 25 Total Sites. [br] [br]
  • Sign up and upgrade to SJV at GiantProfitAds (so you qualify for Gold in my new system later this spring – value $12). 
    * AFF SuperNetworks 68 Sites with Member Count: 44,734 
    Not much on-site activity but you can earn 2000-5000 points daily + free ads with daily promo code [br] [br] 
  • Sign up and upgrade to Lifetime at ( $18).
    * WorldProfit Solo Network – Solo ads to over 7,800 ($3 each)
    * Mail every 3 days to 5000 members
    * Upgrade Bonus 50,000 Mailing Credits & 5,000 Visitor Credits
    Free Mega PLR Store with over 200 items to use, give away, or sell.  Complete with Sales Pages and Shopping Cart for YOUR Paypal
    38 Video Network Marketing Training Package
    * Promo Code on your receipt for another huge ad pack and credits
      [br] [br]
7. Other great resources [br]
8. My money sites: [br]
I’ve dumped a whole bunch of stuff on you.  I just want to remind you, “How do you eat an elephant?”…   One bite at a time. [br] [br]
Rich Moyer [br]