No Autoresponses to Emails

BOXBE, other similar systems, or any email setting (like out of office or vacation) that generate an autoresponse to emails you receive are not recommended services here is why.

An Important Message to users of the BOXBE service.

If any of you are using BOXBE be aware that this is not a service that Worldprofit recommends.

Some payment emails sent out to Members using the BOXBE service are NOT being delivered. As a result some Members have lost payment notifications, leads, and critical account and security details.. If you rely on BOXBE and miss important or time sensitive emails, this is your issue to resolve.

We cannot stress to you enough, relying on services like BOXBE may in fact cost you business.

On my sites, the TOS clearly states that use of any autoresponse service will be treated like a "bounce" message, and your account will be deleted.