Is There a “No Email” Option to My Membership?

Well, the wise-ass answer is, yes, delete your account.

But seriously, email is an integral part of NETWORK MARKETING.  If you have an online business, you must not only RECEIVE emails, but OPEN them, CLICK for credit, and READ THE OFFERS.

It’s like stripes… they kinda come with the zebra…

Everybody gets overwhelmed with the VOLUME of email.  It is a necessary evil on one hand, and a wealth of opportunities on the other.

I can honestly say that I DON’T CLICK FOR CREDITS.   I click for CONTENT.  Yes, I do have an obligation on some sites to view so many ads so that I can SEND mail, but I prefer to do that ONSITE rather than via emails.  All of the sites that I own have Onsite Viewing options – you can go to the site where you want to earn points, view ads, and control how to optimize your viewing, and actually take advantage of the hidden secrets found in ONSITE ADS like banners, buttons, premium ad types.  By logging into the sites, you also have the opportunity to earn free ads and points through these onsite ads, AND Daily Bonus rewards, promo codes, One Time Offers.

GMAIL Filters

I do have a solution to the email issue:  GMAIL FILTERS.  I create GMAIL filters to redirect the emails:  here are the options I use:

  • Skip the Inbox
  • Delete
  • Never forward to spam
  • Never mark important

This video gives you the step-by-step:

Don’t Miss Out on the Gold!

My situation is very different than most because I own 14 sites, and I must approve every ad submitted.  But, by actually viewing the ads, seeing the landing pages and sales pages, I get GREAT BARGAINS, especially on traffic packages, site upgrades, dime sales, freebies I can give away…

There is a whole world you are missing if you are not reading ads.  I just choose NOT to read them from emails.

Rich Moyer

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