OK, I’m a Rich Dad Poor Dad Fan…

Have you seen this?

OK, I’m a Rich Dad Poor Dad Fan…

Robert Kiyosaki just announced a new event

It’s a 2-day online conference (December 9th-10th) about two things:

1. Making and acquiring more money…

2. Making your money work FOR YOU (passively)!

This is [a 2-day online cheat sheet] showing you how to create passive income streams that pay you while you’re sleeping.

And it only cost $1.00 to attend (from home)!

Yes – $1.00!

Here’s where you can save your spot:

Save my spot for the Rich Dad Summit

==> http://worldprofitleadsource.com/rjmrichdad

The speaker lineup is amazing (you’ll recognize many of them).

They’re hitting every topic from Real Estate Investing to Bitcoin!

Get in now before everyone else does.

Yours In Success,

Rich Moyer

P.S. If you’ve read Rich Dad Poor Dad, you’re going to love this!