Organizing Promo Resources with Free Tools

Organizing your promo resources saves time so you can spend more time actually sending promotions.  Spending a few minutes up front can save you literally hours, forces continuity in your messages, and allows you to better track your results.

Promotion Resources

What do I mean by Promotion Resources?

  • Referral ID and Referral Link
  • Splash Pages
  • Landing Pages
  • Banners (468×60)
  • Buttons (125×125)
  • Login Banners (600×300)
  • Cloaked Links
  • Ad Copy
  • Text Ad Copy
  • Subject Lines
  • Tweets

I use a simple spreadsheet to track the majority of these items, and you can use any text editor or notepad for the ad copy.  The thing I look for is portability and shareability of the tool, and not the specific tool that you use.  For instance, I want all of these items to be synchronized and accessible from my laptop, my tablet, and smartphone, but I also want the independence to have access to this information offline.

Free is always good.   For my spreadsheet, I use Excel, which is a premium product, but Google Sheets has the same capabilities, it is free, it does synchronize, it can be downloaded as a local copy, and is available on all of my devices.  I have three spreadsheets I use:


  • Splash Pages
  • Landing Pages
  • Banners (468×60)
  • Buttons (125×125)
  • Login Banners (600×300)
  • Cloaked Links

Downline Builder Affiliate Links

  • Referral ID and Referral Link
  • Free, paid, SJV, Affiliate, etc.

Ad Promotions Sent

  • We will discuss later


Non Spreadsheet Tools

For my Ad Copy, Text Messages, Tweets, and Subject Lines, I use Evernote.   Again, it is free, available on all my devices and the web, and is synchronized with the other devices.  I create a “notebook” for every project, and keep all of the above items within that notebook.  I can also set TAGS for filtering and ease of search.

Userid, Passwords and Access Codes

I do not recommend a non-secured tool.  I like RoboForm.  This is an inexpensive tool – get your first year for $9.95, and it is $29 per year thereafter.  RoboForm Everywhere is available for all platforms, and secures your login information.  A simple click opens the page, fills in the fields, and gets you logged in quickly, and it records login information for sites not previously accessed.  RoboForm detects password changes and updates your database accordingly.


My Daily Routine:

I see promotional messages every day for new places to advertise, promo codes, OTO’s, etc.  I am constantly looking for new audiences, a wider reach for my ads, and new ways to get my message out.  Yes, I DO read a substantial portion of the emails I get every day.  One advantage I have as a TAE/TE administrator, I see these ads first hand when submitted for approval on my own sites.  This is a GREAT source of places to advertise, and you can get many free or inexpensive deals.

As a result, I often join new safelists or TE’s.  For every one, I record my userid, password, affiliate ID, login ID, and support desk contact information.  RoboForm automatically captures some of this information, then I go back to fill in the other information so all data associated with that site or program is in one place.

Usually in the Opt-In email or welcome letter after you subscribe to a site, your Userid, Password, Referral ID or Referral Link, and Login URL are repeated.   First, save that email, and record all the information in your tracking tool of choice.

I login after opt-in, and take a screen shot (using the Windows Snipping Tool) of each OTO page, and each Login Offer page, and record the URL of the Pay link.  Why?  The nature of an OTO is to offer it ONE TIME ONLY.  If you take a screen shot and record the URL of the acceptance/pay link, you can still go back to that link later if you think it is a good deal.  My personal philosophy is that an OTO does not allow the opportunity to evaluate the site features and functionality, and the owner as someone you want to do business with.  As an Admin, I WANT people to ignore the OTO, and I put a link on each of my sites for a Second Chance OTO.  You will be happier with your decision, and will most likely be a more active member and contributor.

I go to the Affiliate Tools (sometimes calls Tools & Stats, Promo Tools), and record each of the URL’s for Splash Pages, Landing Pages, Banners, Buttons, and Login Ads.

If ad copy, subject lines, Tweets etc are provided, they get recorded in Evernote.

So, now I have full documentation for everything associated with this site

Define Your  FootPrint

Once you have captured all this information, it is time to start getting your own identity defined.

Profile – Update name, address, Paypal/Payza Id’s (VERY IMPORTANT to collect commissions

Sites – if you have websites for your programs or projects be sure to place a catchy subject line and Splash/Landing Page URL for each.

Downline Builder – This is where your bookkeeping comes in handy.  For each site in the Downline Builder, populate the Referral ID (just the ID portion of your referral link) or Referral URL (the whole link).  Provide the information that it asks for, and update.  You are likely to find new sites to join.  I recommend you keep a To-Do list, and come back to the site later – I recommend that you only join 1-2 new sites per day because I want you to be as diligent as you are with this site.

Advertising – Redeem any promo codes offered.  You may be required to surf a few ads before placing your own ads.  Place at least one ad of each type (banner, button, login ad, hot link, traffic link, Solo ad).  You will have gotten an allocation of ads, points, or a promo code for joining.

Surf – If  surf is available, spend 10-30 minutes to get a feel for the types of ads being promoted.

Email Ads – Create a Rule in Gmail to store all messages from this site in a new Label (folder).  Browse the ads already sent, again, to see the types of ads, but more importantly, look at any header ads, footer ads, or other side promotions in the eMail.  Click the Credit Link, and review not only the main webpage displayed but also the header above the page.  Get into the habit of clicking the banners, hot links, and  traffic links to quickly amass points.




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Rich Moyer


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