It’s Your Business. Let Me Show You Plan B on Steroids

You have landed.  Whether you just found this post with a Google search, from a newsletter, or from an email promotion, I wanted to tell you that YOU HAVE ARRIVED!
To reiterate for those who missed the introduction in the email, you started YOUR BUSINESS, your home-based business so you could achieve financial freedom, quit your J-O-B, and have the time and money to travel, visit exciting places, and live your dreams.  You found out that having your own business is SOOO much more work than you imagined.

  • The money is draining rather than flowing
  • You will be driving that 1986 Volkswagen Bug till the wheels fall off (Oh, it just did that!)
  • You went from an 8 hour day to a 20 hour day
  • You haven’t had a weekend off since you came up with this hair-brained idea.

I’d like to suggest some steps you can take to get you back on track.  This will not make you rich, but it will allow you to earn SLOW and STEADY, and at the same time get the resources and savings so you CAN take that vacation.  Not only this year, but every year.

 It’s Your Business.  Take Control

This is a STRATEGY, and it is wrapped around SEVERAL projects, SEVERAL Sources of Income, some ways to save money, autopilot lead generation to build your list, and submission tools that give back some of that lost TIME.
This is what I will call “Plan B”… on steroids.
I am not a “guru”.  I don’t  brag about the millions I’ve earned.  I’ll never show you my Paypal account, or for that matter, a screenshot of ANY of my accounts.  It’s none of your business.  I recommend that you take a short break to read a book.
This short book tells a story.  It is called “The Millionaire Next Door“.

The Strategy Part I – Short Term Cash Infusion for Your Business

First is a short-term, low investment, fast cash infusion.
  • Your out of pocket expense is $18 for a lifetime membership at 4 Corners Alliance.  This is a financial education company with some excellent products, but the reward here is the amazing 4×6 matrix that will yield $10k in 12 weeks.  What’s the catch?  You must convince 4 people to spend $18.  That’s less than a large pizza with toppings and a 3 liter bottle of soda.
  • I will send you an invitation to join Team Global Impact for free.  TGI will help you with tools, promotions, support and an optional co-op.
  • You would eventually need an autoresponder so why not get the one that 4 Corners Alliance uses:  TrafficWave.
    • Why Traffic Wave?  The cost of Traffic Wave is $17.95 per month.
    • Unlike other autoresponders, this is the TOTAL PRICE for unlimited campaigns, subscribers, and messages.  The price never goes up.
    • With TrafficWave, you get a 30 day free trial, and after that, I will pay for your first paid month myself as part of the TrafficWave Matrix Buster program.   So you have 60 days to get some referrals (which pay nice commissions).  Two referrals to TrafficWave alone pay for your monthly vig.
Believe it or not, it is pretty difficult to convince 4 other people to invest $18 each and get 4 of THEIR friends to do the same.  But if it were easy, there would be far more millionaires, wouldn’t there?
Steps to take:
  1. Join 4 Corners Alliance ($18)
  2. Join Team Global Impact (free)
  3. Join Traffic Wave (30 day free trial)
  4. Get 4 Referrals to 4 Corners Alliance
  5. Promote 4 Corners Alliance and TrafficWave

Part II – List Builder and Enabler, Savings Component.  Reinvesting Back Into Your Business.

You probably get it about list builders.  If you haven’t heard it yet, go back to hiding under that rock.  The Money Is In The List!
  • M&G Home Business System provides an “autopilot” lead factory complete with an autoresponder.  I chose the option to have M&G provide 6 signups PER DAY 7 days per week.  My list grows by 180 contacts every month for $39.95 per month.
  • M&G also has a savings component called Fun Time Travel Club.
    • This is available to you as long as you remain a member of M&G.
    • Fun Time Travel Club is a 4-in-1 Discount Travel Card that could save members hundreds to thousands on their next vacation. Discounts are for Cruises, Hotels, and Condos.
    • There is a fourth component of the 4-in-1 Discount Travel Card: Coupons for everyday purchases.
    • Members can use this discount program for as many vacations per year as they wish.
    • The annual membership is generally paid for with the savings from the first vacation booking.
    • There are no minimum stays, except for obvious things like cruises, or bookings of  “Hot Tips” vacations, which are INCREDIBLY DISCOUNTED vacations (available for only the specified timeframes and locations)
  • Fun Time Travel Club as a Business Opportunity!
    • You buy 2 of the 4-in-1 Discount Travel Cards for $149.
    • You keep one yourself and sell the second membership.  The suggested retail price for the first year membership is $399.
    • You get to keep $399 for that second card when you sell a membership, which still leaves a profit of $150 and YOUR CARD IS FREE.
    • The suggested annual renewal cost for the Fun Time Travel Club is half-price, and M&G DOES NOT CHARGE YOU FOR RENEWALS!  For every renewal, you get to KEEP $199 for each card every year that they renew.
Steps to take:
  1. Join M&G Home Business ($39.95 per month).  Since this is a network marketing program, you should promote it on Safelists, Traffic Exchanges, Classified Ads, widgets on your blog (if it is built around IM themes).
  2. Join Fun Time Travel Club ($149 for 2 cards).  Since EVERYBODY needs a vacation, promote on Safelists and Traffic Exchanges as a BizOp.  Classified ads as both a BizOp and Travel/Recreation.  Local papers, Craigs List, Facebook and Twitter.  Post on the grocery store bulletin boards, windshield flyers, etc.
  3. Promote M&G and Fun Time Travel Club as above.  Add followup messages to both autoresponder message sequences (yes, Fun Time Travel Club should have it’s own funnel that goes to a separate autoresponder in M&G).
Next are several strategies to build your list while at the same time sell

Part III – Build List, Promote, and Sell.

If you have forgotten, YOUR ONLY JOB IS TO BUILD YOUR LIST.  How do you build your list and promote your business?  You PROMOTE.  Always promote to a LANDING PAGE (sometimes called Squeeze Page).  You want to capture minimally the email address before you tell your whole story.
What a about this “SELL” thing?  I thought a marketer’s job was to SELL.  WRONG WRONG WRONG!  Selling is the LAST THING ON YOUR MIND.
  • You Promote to build your list.  
  • You use your list to build relationships.  
  • You gently suggest ways for those subscribers on your lists to look at your business and products.
You build out your autoresponder messages to develop and foster the RELATIONSHIP with the people WHO HAVE SUBSCRIBED TO YOUR  LIST!  By the way, try referring to it as your NEWSLETTER and not your LIST!  It seems like something in a bad conspiracy theory B movie.  You actually WANT to  create a relationship with your subscribers.  
Look at your content on blogs and the message sequences in your autoresponder.  Are you just continually pounding your subscribers with BUY THIS or SIGN UP FOR THAT?   You need to give your subscribers INFORMATION, not sales pitches.  You need to give your subscribers something of value TO THEM, whether that be an article, a report, a video, an eBook.  Something along your main theme that someone would enjoy reading.  And, it has to be FREE.   You will put some gentle advertisements in the sidebars or margins, beneath your signature line, or provide a link to a website they would enjoy visiting.
Offer a bonus of a free eBook.  This is where the tons of PLR you have been collecting comes into play. Be sure your PLR or MRR rights allow giving that work away.  
Be sure that if your primary business is doing floral arrangements, and that was how you attracted your subscribers to your list, that your followup messages in the autoresponder, and the freebies you give them are long that same topic.  Do NOT give them an eBook called BLAZING SAFELIST COMMANDO TACTICS!
So, you are saying, HOW DO I SELL THIS STUFF?
I mentioned subtle sales references in sidebars, footers, and beneath your signature line.  Direct them to a website that does have “monetized” widgets in the sidebars.  If you DO send them to another site, use viral ad techniques to show your ads in a pop-up or exit promo, or redirect to an intermediate page that stays there for 20 seconds then forwards them to their destination.
This should not be haphazard.  Your funnel SHOULD BE DESIGNED.  There should be a PLAN.  
Track and Measure Everything
You should be using some type of Ad Tracker, and you should be looking at how effectively your ads performed in certain venues, at particular times of day, with certain  bonus offerings.  Simple URL masking is not enough, you need the STATISTICS that are generated by a good quality ad tracker system.
Where to Promote
Where to promote is important.  Most people gravitate to Safelists and Traffic Exchanges.   Unfortunately, your ad power is substantially diminished on safelists if your primary business is NOT network marketing or IM-related products and programs.  You must go where your CUSTOMERS would be looking.  Even Network Solos that are pushed as the solution to lazy safelist users, are nothing but collections of safelists, still all having the primary theme of network marketing.  Consider classified ads, Craigs List, and other places someone NOT INTERESTED IN MARKETING might frequent.
This is one place it would be appropriate to suggest Fun Time Travel Club.  Direct your subscribers to another funnel that happens to be a blog or article on a travel theme website.  Everybody needs a vacation, and if you can convince them that it might be within reach to get an affordable family vacation with the 4-in-1 Discount Travel Card, you get them on ANOTHER LIST that drips travel stories and tips
Strategies and Tactics
  1. Promote your business EVERY DAY on venues appropriate for your target market.
  2. Promote to Facebook groups (if permitted).  I have been using a simple $7 per month tool called SlackSocial that has cut my time to submit to 60+ FB groups from over an hour to literally 5 minutes, and it keeps me out of Facebook Jail by pacing the release of messages.
  3. Add a message at least every couple days to your autoresponder followup messages (Yes, each one).  The longer they remain on your active list, the longer you have the opportunity for another “touch”.
  4. Send broadcasts at least several times per week to all subscribers in your autoresponders.
  5. Don’t forget to send to your referrals/downlines that have come to you through downline builders and lead capture sources that are NOT in your autoresponders
  6. Give away information, reports, eBooks, training courses to your subscribers that THEMSELVES entice people to get on OTHER lists. That is more opportunity to build that relationship and turn those prospects into customers.

I personally have been a member of WorldProfit for several years ($99-149/month).  They give you a huge goody bag at signup as a paid member. They have the best tools (included), the most resources (included), best training (included), huge PLR library (included), ClickBank Promo Kit (included), URL Cloaker  (included), Viral Ad Builder  (included), Ad Tracker  (included), the most traffic (included) and so much more.  I’m a fan.


Let’s Sum This Up

Income Sources:

4 Corners Alliance

  • $4 for each of your first 4 subscribers.
  • See the comp plan chart



  • Weekly Fast Track Bonus
  • Monthly Residual Income Commissions
  • Leadership Bonus
  • Guaranteed Traffic Commissions

M&G Home Business

  • $39 commission for each referral
  • $150 to infinity for Fun Time Travel Club


  • 40%-60% paid member commission
  • Percentage of purchases


Rich Moyer is Principal Consultant (retired) at Spaho Consulting