What to Promote Where

I’ve said this many times:  
If I were just interested in grabbing your money, I would be happy to sell you the advertising like banners, buttons, solo ads, traffic links, hot links, and login ads, BUT that is NOT in the best interest of our MEMBERS, including YOU!
GiantProfitAds is an ADVERTISING COMMUNITY.  Our goal is to provide reasonably priced advertising media with an extended reach so YOU get the most for your advertising dollar.
In return, you should recognize that the platform (the safelist), the downline builders and referral tools, the link cloaker, and many other features are provided for you FREE OF CHARGE.  But they are NOT FREE.
As the owner, I would expect that the membership recognizes the VALUE of the features, facilities, and advertising options, and patronizes this advertising community by PAYING MEMBERSHIP FEES, PURCHASING PREMIUM ADVERTISING, and making an honest effort to view and purchase the ads being shown here.  This is not so I can buy a new car or have pocket money for the casinos.  EVERY CENT GOES BACK INTO THIS BUSINESS to provide YOU with all of these programs. 
So, back to my statement…
Q. What do you sell on safelists and traffic exchanges?
 A. Your only goal for publishing ads on a TAE or TE should be to BUILD YOUR LIST.  How do you do that? GET REFERRALS.
When I say REFERRALS, I mean that whatever you promote should be a LANDING PAGE or SQUEEZE PAGE with the purpose of CAPTURING the name and email address of the viewer, and then having that viewer OPT-IN so they are actually subscribers to your list(s).  
So let me amend my first statement…
DO NOT PROMOTE PRODUCTS TO SELL ON TAE or TE… UNLESS they have a lead capture page that will BUILD YOUR LIST!
So, ALWAYS promote to a LANDING PAGE…
 Promote a SPLASH PAGE that takes them TO A LANDING PAGE!
Where do you get LANDING PAGES?
  • You can build your own on your own hosting account – requires HTML skills
  • You can use a SQUEEZE PAGE BUILDER – there are SOOO many.
  • You can use a free or inexpensive Lead Capture system – Many to choose from
  • You can use a Form Builder that comes with many autoresponders.
Stay tuned for more information on landing pages and squeeze pages.
As always, I am available to discuss these things, provide you with some recommendations and tips, and even coach you IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT THIS BUSINESS.   I do this FOR FREE, even when others will charge $500-$1000 for that same service.
Rich  Moyer
Admin GiantProfitAds and Mad-Cow-Ads