20151025 Promoting WebcastSource.net and our Advertising Community


The more “new sets of eyes” we have viewing your ads, the higher the probability of getting clicks, that may then turn into CONVERSIONS.

I’ll bet that YOU are not even familiar with all the features and functions here at WebcastSource.net.  That is what prompted the WebcastSource.net Additional Resources blog with tips and techniques so you get the MOST of your experience here.

I normally would not recommend promoting your home site ON that same site, but remember that your ads are also being seen by members of sites in the WorldProfit Super Network.  Member-to-Member mail goes to 500, 2500, or 5000 list email IDs of random members of the WorldProfit affiliated sites.  (You should notice that YOU are getting email from other WorldProfit affiliated sites).  Solo Ads are distributed to over 7900 CONTACT EMAIL IDs of premium WorldProfit safelist members.  So, “offsite” ads like Solo Ads, Member-to-Member Ads, and Traffic Exchange Ads CAN be posted here for WebcastSource.net 
So, you really DO have something to promote.  And read on, because I have a “Traffic Strategy” that can fill your need for a “product” to promote, will build a list for you, and provide you with some incredible tools and resources to skyrocket your business.  
Warning:  It will take commitment, and some work to make this happen.  Even if only a couple of hours a day, it will take some TIME.  This is NOT a get rich quick scheme.
Here’s some ideas:
1. Review How It Works. Become familiar with the features, and BEGIN USING THEM

2. Check out the posts at WebcastSource.net Additional Resources

3. Create a checklist of daily tasks to promote WebcastSource.net (and your other programs).  Include tasks to :

  • Post banners for your outside programs on WebcastSource.net
  • Post text ads for your outside programs on WebcastSource.net
  • Post login ads for your outside programs on WebcastSource.net
  • Send member-to-member mail every 3 days.  This can alternate between your progams and promotions of WebcastSource.net.   
  • Send Solo Ads for your own program AND WebcastSource.net (preferrably right before the weekend when it is more likely to be seen)
  • Spend as much time “surfing” the exchange and reviewing your emails as you can.  When reviewing ads, LOOK FOR BARGAINS, and LOOK FOR PROMO CODES 

4. Start to BUILD YOUR LIST!  Use TRAFFIC as the PRODUCT you are promoting.  Include WebcastSource.net as a component of your PRODUCT.

  • You build your list by only promoting to LEAD CAPTURE PAGES!  
  • Do NOT direct prospects to a website or sales page.  The purpose of a LANDING PAGE is to keep the focus on the one and only thing you are promoting on that page.  No distractions, no shiny objects that can divert their attention.
  • Do NOT promote PRODUCTS to sell on safelists and traffic exchanges.  You can offer ebooks, reports, traffic, discounts, etc. as incentives for prospects to give up their name and email.
  • If you don’t have lead capture pages or an autoresponder, Team Elite Home Business (TEHB) is a wonderful deal.  With a one-time, $7.00 USD Lifetime Membership, you cannot afford to be WITHOUT it.   TEHB is state of the art.  There are dozens of done-for-you campaigns included, and hundreds of lead capture pages. TEHB also has the most comprehensive integrated DOWNLINE BUILDER I have seen (builds your downline on autopilot).
  • Promote ONLY LANDING PAGES (also known as Lead Capture Pages).  Give every person who reviews your ad for WebcastSource.net the opportunity to supply their name and email, thus building your list once they opt-in.
  • Link the lead capture page to a “drip campaign” that delivers an email about your product (WebcastSource.net) to their inbox every couple days.  Don’t worry, I will give you the “drip campaigns” for the sites in our advertising community (Giant Profit Ads, and Mad Cow Ads and others included).
5. Promote, Promote, Promote
  • If you don’t have places to  promote, review my Traffic Strategy.  I strongly recommend starting out with safelists already part of your advertising community — Giant Profit Ads and Mad Cow Ads.  Why? 
  • I share MY LIST of trusted safelists, traffic exchanges, and ad blasters with you.
  • I share MY TEHB SITES with you (high commission, inexpensive lifetime membership upgrades with great benefits)
6. I am here to help
  • You have the opportunity to work with me ONE ON ONE, on WEBINARS, or on the phone.