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I have had several conversations with newly joined subscribers in which we get around to discussion what I do and what works for me.  I’ve created quite a few of these lists, but they are scattered in various folders of email, files, etc.  So, this is my attempt at summarizing and categorizing some of these lists.

One word of caution:  do NOT try to consume all of this at once.  Bookmark it, and refer back to it.


I talk about Traffic Exchanges and Safelists.
Here are my top sites (according to my ad tracker):
Hints and Techniques
Check out these YouTube videos: 
For some additional resources to help with your promotions, see my latest posts and promos (constantly updated): Resources for Any Business
ViralMailProfits.  There is a fantastic free tool to hold your safelist information and promos.  It took me a while to understand how it worked,  but it is a central repository for all my ad copy, and it can even send automatically (without copy/paste) to some “connected” safelists and traffic exchanges.  It is called Viral Mail Profits.  – May be a little advanced for now.  I do a video on it eventually
eBooks, eCourses, Featured Products, and Projects (some have rotators so keep clicking the link for a different product if it has “rotator” in the URL)
As a gift for signing up, please accept these free video courses.  This will give you some insight about how to use social media in your promotions. 
Some great free eBooks:
You can find the Featured ClickBank Product by clicking this link.
Look here for the Featured Traffic Source:
And finally, Check out the Featured Major Project

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