Q&A Why Can I Send to Only 70 members?

Q: I just came on board as a free member and was hoping to take your site for a spin. I have 500,000 credits and would like to do some credit mailers. The most I can do at one time is around 70. Do I have to upgrade in order to send out a reasonable test ?

A. The reason you cannot mail more than 70: that is the total membership of that site.

I have 11 sites right now, but have had many others that I ¬†“rescued” or were “pre-loved” sites that the owners just didn’t know how to promote, operate, and develop them.

Why Join Smaller/Startup Sites

Smaller sites are a great opportunity to join while they are still “small” because they are primed for getting referrals. Post YOUR ads, and as more people join, you are way ahead in your promotions, meaning your ads will most likely be seen more often in the rotators.

On any of my sites, regardless of size, I build up the memberships, promote them with 2nd Chance OTOs and ridiculously low entry prices and upgrades, make them feature rich, they have large referral builders.

Just because a site only has 70 members does not mean that your ads are not being viewed. It is the ACTIVE members that count.

It’s ACTIVE Members That Count

I purchased a site that had almost 1000 members, but the owner let it go, and had no experience operating “systems”. When I looked at the login records, most of the members had not logged on at all in the previous year. The actual “active” member count was 135. Of those, all the traffic on that site was being generated by the 15% PAID members. I look at the percentage of PAID members on a site as a better indicator. I turned that site around, then unfortunately, the guy who provided my hosting just pulled the plug.

I have had sites that I bought or rented simply because they had SuperNetworks. As an owner, I get 2 to 4 SuperNetwork ads per month. I was paying $5 per month in rent. 4 SuperSolos per month for $5. And then, I turned those sites around, and sold them for a profit.

My Background

I spent 25 years in computer operations, system and network engineering for a Fortune 50 company. My team managed 900 servers, and had over 80,000 desktops we supported. I KNOW about managing systems.

My Advice

So, my advice is to join and take the cheap upgrades. I have 10 sites that have upgrades for $7 each, and 1 for $14 – LIFETIME memberships. All have outstanding ad packages and promo codes, and all are PRIMED for bringing in referrals.

The Bigger Picture

If you front-end these sites with a lead capture page, and autoresponder campaign, you not only have a great advertising venue that gives you MONTHLY ADS AND POINTS (free members don’t get that), but you would be on your way to BUILDING YOUR LIST, which is the lifeblood of network marketing.

I have many autoresponder campaigns I can share with you. I also have the most economical and feature rich autoresponder for one-time lifetime upgrade of $47 that has resale rights, unlimited subscribers, campaigns, and landing pages. It’s called TeamEliteHomeBusinesses.
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Here is the list of sites I own:
>>>>> http://grabcashtoday.com/11sites

I am Co-Admin/Founder on 28 other sites (all the benefits without the sysadmin headaches) – I earn 100% commission + the admin share
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And, my Safelists as a Business promotion
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I hope you don’t give up on these sites. I have SJV upgraded memberships on over 100 sites, and continue to build them up, cross-promote, and get new referrals.

BTW, let me know if I can help in any way…

Rich Moyer