Question: why doesn’t promoting affiliate links work?

Question: If you’re a consultant first salesman last, why doesn’t promoting affiliate links work?

Answer: Affiliate sales DO work under the right circumstances.

I was a professional IT/Finance/Business consultant for 25 years. I retired after 32 years with a Fortune 50 company, and my post-career jobs took me into some interesting businesses. I owned a consulting firm since 1997. I am now retired, but still have customers calling, and I like helping people who are committed to make this work for themselves. Too many people treat this like a hobby rather than a business

The reason I am a terrible salesman is that I would rather pass up on a sale and recommend the best "fit", even if it means losing a commission. I also USE what I sell, and sometimes I sell what I use.

Let me ask a few questions (this is not a test, but rather probative questions to see if we can find some "low-hanging fruit" to get what YOU are doing on the right track)

  • Where are you promoting? Safelists? Traffic Exchanges? Classified Ads? Solo Ads? SuperNetwork Ads? Social Media?
  • What promotion media are you using? Solo Ads or credit emails? Banners, buttons? Login Ads, Start Pages?
  • How many emails per day do you send (how many people receive them)?
  • Are you tracking your ads? How many Clicks per day? How many new leads per day?
  • Are you promoting the "corporate" replicated websites or landing pages?
  • Do you have the capability to maintain regular contact with your prospects? Are you doing it? How?
  • Do you use an autoresponder?

Oh – I also give away more than I sell. For instance…

Bottom Line

  • If you are promoting PRODUCTS on safelists and traffic exchanges, you are guaranteed failure.
    BUILD YOUR LIST on safelists and traffic exchanges.
  • If you are promoting corporate or affiliate pages (like 10,000 others), you are doomed to fail. Promote Landing Pages (also called squeeze pages, or lead capture pages) – this differentiates you from the crowd, helps establish your "brand" and allows you to "pre-sell" before seeing the replicated pages
  • Once you have people on your LIST, you do "customer cultivation". Build a BRAND for yourself, Build a RELATIONSHIP with your prospects
  • Tell Don’t Sell. Tell them about features, benefits, how YOU use these products and services.
  • Answer the questions from your prospect’s perspective – "WIIFM" – What’s In It For Me?
  • It takes 7 to 11 exposures to move someone through the sales funnel (assuming they are in the target market and possess a "buyer’s" mindset)
    Lead –> Prospect –> Customer
  • Communications should be 3-4 information to 1 solicitation
  • Subtle solicitations work – the power of PS, and links BELOW your signature line, however, NEVER put links in credit or solo ad emails.
  • It’s a NUMBERS GAME – the more emails you send, the more "opens".
    On safelists, you are doing well with 3%-4% open rate
    expect 1%-2% Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
    4% of them may sign up as a prospect
    1% of them may make a purchase

Other tips

I hope this answers your questions


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