Rebuttal: Using Google (Home) for Answers

Using Google Home for Answers

Google home is one of those places that are thrown your counter and it’s connected via lifeline to the Internet.
We have had Google Home here for about six months and I can’t tell you how disappointed I am.

It’s great for saying "play country music" or something like that but when you ask about a recipe or when the next episode for a series is coming on TV it cannot answer.

We spend more time trying to re-phrase each question so that it can answer, only to be disappointed.

Google home can quickly answer questions about measurement conversions (cups to quarts, etc), tell my wife her daily schedule, and tell you the local weather. Functions that are already on our Android phones.

My sister-in-law has Alexa by Amazon and they don’t have near the problems with getting answers that that my wife does when she uses Google Home.

Not worth $150 for a Wifi speaker.

Rich Moyer