I received this sad support ticket

First, let me say that this person clearly does not have a grasp on reality when it comes to network marketing.

Here is a report that shows his total activity on my site, a reputable, active, and feature rich TAE:

Free member.  Never spent ONE DIME on ANY of my 11 sites.

Submitted sum total of 10 banners, 10 text links, and 2 button ads WHICH HE RECEIVED FOR FREE from a promo code I GAVE HIM!

Ad Type Ads Posted Ads Available
Lifetime Banners 0 0
Banners 10 0
Buttons 2 0
Lifetime Text 0 0
Text Links 10 0
Login Ads 0 5
AdzPlus Ads 0 2
Billboards 0 0
Blocks 0 2
Featured Ads 0 0
Footer Ads 0 0
Fullpage Ads 0 0
Header Ads 0 0
Headlines Ads 0 2
Premium Ads 0 2
Solo Ads 0 0
Spotlights 0 0
Start Pages 0 0
Daily Bonus Ads 0 0
TopApex Viral Solos 0 0
Global Viral Solos 0 0

BTW, his id was NEVER canceled nor blocked.

His IP address was from South Africa, and has also never been blocked.

My response to his one and only request for help was to provide him with literally HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS worth of free resources, ebooks, ecourses, promo codes for free traffic, and opportunities I personally use  to generate multiple streams of income.

This is the thanks I get.  For his lack of respect, I DID cancel his account, and blocked his emails and IP addresses from my sites.  This is MY prerogative as a site owner.

His Support ticket submission:

Ticket #182
Create Date: 05/29/2017 12:47 pm
Subject: Account Suspension

It seems at some point you have suspended my account, I have been active in the past weeks however if you have to run all this all on your own it might take some time before you work through the cycle to get to 216 sites and stay active. You are now inheriting 115000 + credits but frankly it will not make me poor because the site in any case did nothing towards contributing to my success.

I do feel however that you could have been less full of hype and crap with your suspension policy. I would have also upgraded to the maximum once I upgraded. What is true though is that it is people like you who contribute to the massive failure rate of newbies online. I am now deleting my account and you can read about my experience with CSM over the past 12 months on my website under “Blacklist”

Thanks for nothing


PS When I asked you for help some months ago I never got a reply! I have made it my business to stop the hype BS, lies and greed on the internet and I will if it’s the last thing I do